How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 06 2019

'Goosebumps' author R.L stine
'Just Dance' game console wii
'Sorry to say . . .' alas
'___ we meet again' until
40-Across source conifer
A fingerpainter might make one mess
Advantage, in sports edge
Alderman's domain ward
Ashtabula's lake erie
Ballet, basketry et al art
Boasted about vaunted
Bricklayer's carrier hod
Capital in the Baltics riga
Castle of the ballroom irene
Caviar quantity ounce
Charge like a scalper gouge
Classic S.E. Hinton teen novel rumblefish
Conducts a survey asks
Current controller, in old TVs vacuumtube
Defendant's out alibi
Degrade gradually erode
Doesn't peter out lasts
Elton John concert need piano
Enhanced-lips look pout
Estate barrier, perhaps irongate
Gambling quote odds
Give off, as radiation emit
Gotten underway begun
GPS instruction turn
Hoops great Bryant kobe
irs.gov download form
It may be measured in 45-Across area
Jack Ryan's work spying
Late-night Cartoon Network programs adultswim
Laugh-inducing line quip
Lender's protection lien
Like some gummies sour
Line up a shot aim
Liver secretion bile
Loosen, as laces undo
Mambo movement step
Mennonite subgroup sect
Molar's anchor root
Monopoly holding deed
Morsel in pesto pinenut
Movie double's feat stunt
Nail every question on ace
Name in English china spode
Nectar gatherer bee
Not quite right amiss
On one's toes alert
Ostrich or emu biped
Out on a limb, say treed
Pence's predecessor biden
Place to board stop
Poet Khayyam omar
Pre-deal payment ante
Ray of 'Hannibal' liotta
Remind repeatedly nag
Restroom, informally lav
Self-evident statements truisms
Send to the Hill elect
Siamese's call meow
Smeared with buttercream iced
Sorrowful sounds sobs
Speck on an oceanic map isle
Standard of excellence ideal
String quartet member cello
Syndrome, to the Incredibles foe
Tech giant founded in 1911 ibm
Thanksgiving table vessel gravyboat
This diagram's 225 squares
To-go drink topper lid
Took over for replaced
Transistor radio feature dial
Units in realty ads acres
Vampire's weapon fang
Viral outbreak flu
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