How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 20 2017

". . . bells on ___ toes" HER
"Big Brother" host Julie CHEN
"Duck Dynasty" wear, for short CAMO
"Guitar Town" singer Steve EARLE
"That's baloney!" MYEYE
"___ a real nowhere man . . ." HES
7-10 split component PIN
Accumulation, as of interest ACCRUAL
Action movie arm UZI
All-vowels song refrain EIEIO
Applied 3-in-One to OILED
Architectural details, for short SPECS
Be in the hole OWE
Beehive State native UTE
Bowler or boater HAT
By and large ASARULE
Cake baker's buy MIX
Chore list heading TODO
Colorado ski mecca ASPEN
Comes down in buckets TEEMS
Crystal ball gazer SEER
D-Day beach OMAHA
Dress shop section PETITES
First word in "Auld Lang Syne" SHOULD
Fleck or Lugosi BELA
Follower of "ye," often OLDE
Fur magnate on the Titanic ASTOR
Glaswegian's negative NAE
Grand ___ (wine phrase) CRU
Hanging ___ (debris in 2000 election news) CHAD
Harley, to a biker HOG
Hibachi residue ASHES
Influential D.C. lobby NRA
Involving no one else SOLELY
Islands memento LEI
It may add a "+" to a grade EXTRACREDIT
Italicize, say STRESS
Kuala Lumpur native MALAY
Lacking in manners RUDE
Like a cloudless sky AZURE
Like Dogpatch or Mayberry RURAL
Lundgren of "Rocky IV" DOLPH
Make mischief ACTUP
Mark over some Portuguese vowels TILDE
Month for the Masters APRIL
Mower brand DEERE
New York Jets uniform color HUNTERGREEN
Not multi- UNI
Opal or onyx GEM
Org. with Flyers and Jets NHL
Owner of Easter Island CHILE
Pantry-raiding bug ANT
Pecan or almond NUT
Presidential middle name DELANO
Put into service USE
R&R part (Abbr.) REC
Read superficially SKIM
Result of overexertion, often ACHE
Safari park beast RHINO
Samsung or Nokia offering PHONE
Shakespeare's "___ Andronicus" TITUS
Simba's mate NALA
Some centerfold posers NUDES
Sommelier's stock WINES
Sound like a jackass BRAY
Sponge or sea anemone ANIMAL
Spy's gathering, informally INTEL
Squeals, so to speak TELLS
System of moral values ETHIC
The Beatles' "___ a Woman" SHES
The University of the South, commonly SEWANEE
Thoroughly mastered DOWNPAT
Tough task for a salesperson COLDCALLING
Try again, in court REHEAR
Way of thinking MINDSET
Whirling water EDDY
Word that can follow the last parts of 17- and 52-Across and 11- and 25-Down CARDS
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