How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Mar 16 2010

". . . and baby makes ___" THREE
". . . for a ___ pittance" MERE
"Full steam ___!" AHEAD
"Gritty" intro NITTY
"Jurassic Park" bug trapper RESIN
"Now ___ done it!" YOUVE
Aardvark morsel ANT
All dried out SERE
Assert positively AVER
Awaken harshly ROUST
Banana plant fiber ABACA
Barn-raising sect AMISH
Basilica section APSE
Being, to Caesar ESSE
Berth before birth WOMB
Blog revenue sources ADS
Brakeman's vehicle BOBSLED
Bring up the rear LOSE
Bureau containers DRAWERS
Cavity cause DECAY
Certain baby bird OWLET
Chervil or coriander HERB
Colonnade of ancient Greece STOA
Computing customers USERS
Cries of doubt HAHS
Danny DeVito's wife RHEA
Debunked mystic Geller URI
Descent before the parachute opens FREEFALL
Diamond square BASE
Diminish, as support ERODE
Diplomat's stock-in-trade TACT
Dirt-road hazard RUT
Diving seabird AUK
Dove's utterance COO
Egyptian symbols of life ANKHS
Ernie's street SESAME
Extreme fright TERROR
Farm output CROP
Former "Entertainment Tonight" co-host John TESH
Goidelic language of Scotland ERSE
Golfer Stewart PAYNE
Guessed wrong ERRED
Hang on a line, as laundry AIRDRY
High-ranking military officer BRASSHAT
His match? HERS
Host a roast EMCEE
Indian title of address SRI
It may be part of a round ALE
It's 90 degrees from north EAST
Italian sports cars, briefly ALFAS
Japanese sash OBI
Kind of mirror or street TWOWAY
Lingerie item BRA
Maid or butler SERVANT
Make a deep impression ETCH
Mandates DECREES
Nestling hawk EYAS
Not in the country ABROAD
One might get a lode of it ORE
Opie portrayer RON
Place to get stuck MIRE
Prefix meaning "skin" DERM
Right-angled wing ELL
Shoelaces do this CRISSCROSS
St. John's player, once REDMAN
They're piled on the floor? SHAGCARPETS
Transported, as on the wind BORNE
Trims, as a tree LOPS
Triumphant shout YES
Waterway near Schenectady MOHAWKRIVER
We sit on them RUMPS
What 12 might mean (Abbr.) DEC
Where you are, on mall maps HERE
Works up FOMENTS
___ Ridge, Tenn. OAK
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