How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 12 2010

"I didn't do it!" DENY
007 portrayer Roger MOORE
A spirit RUM
Actress Samantha EGGAR
Ahab's creator MELVILLE
Ailment without a cure COLD
Armed conflicts WARS
Attention-getting interjection AHEM
Author Poe EDGAR
Badger TEASE
Be successful GOFAR
Bedouin ARAB
Besides ALSO
Bushwhackers BANDITS
Buyer's add-on SALESTAX
Charged particles IONS
Cheerful GLAD
Church's central section NAVE
City in Iowa AMES
Common menu term ALA
Complimentary GRATIS
Corp. head CEO
Daisy Mae's guy ABNER
Dance party REEDS
Discovery at Sutter's Mill GOLD
Driver's dilemma TRAFFICJAM
Dwindles EBBS
Easter preceder LENT
Emulated a pigeon COOED
Exhausted charge DEADBATTERY
Eye infections STYES
Fabric with metallic threads LAME
Full house, e.g. HAND
Gobi mound DUNE
Laundry measure LOAD
Leave a stain SOIL
Lifesaver RESCUER
Loser's place LAST
Lotion additive ALOE
Madonna role EVA
Mart opener? MINI
Mil. officer SGT
Nitty-gritty GIST
No-win situations TIES
Overrules VETOES
Pan's counterpart RAVE
Particular kinds SORTS
Phone holdup BUSYSIGNAL
Pickling solution BRINE
Popeye's yeses AYES
Posts a letter MAILS
Regulated item DRUG
Roast requirements EMCEES
Sci-fi beams LASERS
Secret motive ANGLE
Shortened holiday XMAS
Shoulder scarf STOLE
Slightly open AJAR
Sold by stores RETAILED
Some Soho digs LOFTS
Square root of IX III
Standby slate WAITINGLIST
Swear to AVER
Table expander LEAF
Taunting remark GIBE
The end of grace? AMEN
Turner or Cantrell LANA
Twain's Polly, e.g. AUNT
Type of model ROLE
Unspecified amount ANY
Waited BIDED
Wind dir. ENE
Without a companion LONE
Witnesses SEES
You may draw circles on it CALENDAR
___ of Capri ISLE
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