How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jun 08 2009

"Bless you" preceder SNEEZE
"Breakfast Anytime" site IHOP
"He ___ got a clue" HASNT
"Hmm. . ." ODD
"In ___ of flowers . . ." LIEU
"The Purple Rose of ___" CAIRO
"Trading Spaces" focus DECOR
"Who's on first?" asker COSTELLO
A king of Norway OLAV
Airport abbreviation ETA
Alphabetize, e.g. SORT
Alternate identity ALIAS
Alternative to Mega Bloks LEGO
Barely sufficient MEAGER
Be a cast member of ACTIN
Beer-keg adjunct TAP
Birds that may be spotted OWLS
Bone known as the stirrup STAPES
Borodin's "Prince ___" IGOR
Bruce's drummer MAX
Building with a dome ROTUNDA
Campbell of Mayberry OTIS
Certain islander OAHUAN
Controversial issue HOTPOTATO
Corrosive beginning? ANTI
Creature of habit? NUN
Cummerbund SASH
Cuyahoga Falls locale OHIO
Dedicatory poems ODES
Diamonds, to a gangster ICE
Do a Turkey Day duty BASTE
Effigy IMAGE
Emulates ivy CLINGS
Emulates most Las Vegas visitors LOSES
Enlightened one ARHAT
Fishy gathering SCHOOL
Flippant SAUCY
Fore site TEE
Glide like a buzzard SOAR
He brown-bags it WINO
Helpful hint TIP
Home of the Sistine Chapel ITALY
It can be big, bright, good or bad IDEA
It's needed to hound someone? SCENT
It's put before the carte? ALA
Kitchen emanations AROMAS
Ladyfinger, e.g. SPONGECAKE
Landscapers' tools RAKES
Least clear HAZIEST
Listened to the cows? HERD
Made a federal case out of it? SUED
Make an effort EXERT
More than displeasure IRE
Not as mad? SANER
On the roof of ATOP
Papal emissary LEGATE
Parkinson's treatment LDOPA
Passions ARDORS
Pasta variety ANGELHAIR
Politeness pundit Post EMILY
Scatter, as a crowd DISPERSE
Shoe pad INSOLE
Subject to death MORTAL
Theater level BALCONY
They can be resident or non-resident ALIENS
Trucker's wheels RIG
Type of cook SHORTORDER
Type of doll for revenge-seekers VOODOO
Veep after Hubert SPIRO
Virgo's mo., mostly SEPT
What this sentence is CLUE
Wizard MAGE
___ fixe (obsession) IDEE
___ juris (legal phrase) SUI
___ lazuli LAPIS
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