How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Jul 20 2019

'Easy-Bake' toy, once oven
'Sweetie' alternative hon
'Without delay!' letters asap
1900 Puccini opera tosca
Abode in westerns tepee
Arsenal inventory guns
Beachgoer's top tee
Big brute ape
Brings home earns
Buck's weapons antlers
Chest muscles, informally pecs
City with many slots reno
Classical composer's piece opus
Classifieds filler ads
Create, as a witches' brew concoct
Cronuts and crullers pastries
Do a washday task sort
Drone-regulating org faa
Drooling dog of comics odie
Each, informally apop
Elude the seeker hide
Field hockey need ball
Filled holes, in a way spackled
Game with six weapons clue
Garnish on a toothpick olive
Gear feature cog
Have overdue bills owe
HCl or HF acid
Home to Disney's Ariel sea
IBM PC workalike clone
Imparter of a fruity flavor ester
In need of Absorbine Jr sore
Kelly's TV cohost until 2011 regis
Long. intersector lat
Machine pistol maker uzi
Men of letters scholars
Minimum poker loss ante
More apt to get slapped ruder
Most 'Riverdale' characters teens
Nick of 'Cape Fear' nolte
Nip in the bud deter
Olympic duelers epeeists
On a rampage amok
Org. for tunesmiths ascap
Paralyzing emotion terror
Pasta in minestrone orzo
Pelted with hen fruit egged
Place for a trapped cat tree
Pointless bother ado
Poise, for a model asset
Polo player's strap rein
Pool worker, for short steno
Poor fits for square holes roundpegs
Positive, as an attitude cando
Prefix with profit or partisan non
Rap composer, e.g poet
Reduced by less
Revealing sweater feature scoopneck
Rial spender omani
RPM indicator tach
Rubber stamp go-with inkpad
Scheming bunch cabal
Shrove Tuesday follower lent
Site of a tilting attraction pisa
Spun a yarn lied
Steamy amenity sauna
Symbol of dependency apronstrings
Talk like a tippler slur
The dimwitted Corleone fredo
Torah, e.g sacredscroll
Tribe with kachina dolls hopi
Viking Ship Museum city oslo
Where the boyz are hood
Wilson of the Frat Pack owen
Woman with an online 'list' angie
Word before fail or poem epic
___ bear (Icee mascot) polar
___ of Wight Festival isle
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