How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 10 2012

"Eat ___ Love" (Julia Roberts film) PRAY
"Sesame Street" denizen ERNIE
"Take it easy!" RELAX
"___ me up, Scotty!" BEAM
1979 revolution site IRAN
Animated cartoon frame CEL
Are able to, Biblically CANST
Asian inland sea ARAL
Be paid, as a salary EARN
Beginner's luck beneficiary TYRO
Berth place PIER
Bridesmaid, often GALPAL
Cell at sea BRIG
Cheap smoke STOGIE
Consecrate with oil ANOINT
Couple PAIR
Daughter of King Juan Carlos ELENA
Decelerating SLOWINGDOWN
Demolition ball alternative TNT
Digested EATEN
Draw into a trap ENSNARE
Dropping by en route STOPPINGOFF
Economic stat GNP
Facts, briefly INFO
Falls back EBBS
Flashy SHOWY
Fridge ancestor ICEBOX
Get one's goat ANNOY
Highly reliable evidence DNA
Homesteader SETTLER
In this space HERE
Innocent NAIF
It's bought in bolts FABRIC
Kidney-related RENAL
Lands in water ISLES
Logging tool SAW
Ludicrous INANE
Made from fleece WOOLEN
Make lace TAT
Malaria symptom AGUE
Moonshine maker STILL
More upscale NICER
Neck parts NAPES
Newton of gravity fame ISAAC
Obtained GOT
Omani currency RIAL
One a'courting WOOER
Parade chief's rank MARSHAL
Place for a smile FACE
Prefix with "magnetic" ELECTRO
Put down ABASE
Relating to the flesh CARNAL
Respectful title in India SRI
Retirement pay PENSION
Roman temple PANTHEON
Ryan, to Romney RUNNINGMATE
Sandwich meat SALAMI
Santa ___, Calif ANA
Spirited confidence ELAN
Staring with open mouth AGAPE
Stop at the pump again REFUEL
Stretch the truth or stretch out LIE
Sushi servings EELS
Tire gauge reading (Abbr.) PSI
Use an auger BORE
Uses deductive reasoning INFERS
Venetian rulers of old DOGES
Vicinity AREA
Vivaciousness ESPRIT
Wake from sleep AROUSE
When Can. celebrates Thanksgiving OCT
Young and Thicke ALANS
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