How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 25 2018

'Fancy' rapper Azalea iggy
'In my view . . .' idsay
'Ship of Ghouls' author R.L stine
'Twenty Questions' category animal
Abbr. for an unfilled slot tba
Aesopian conclusion moral
AWOL part out
Bag of bones scrag
Barron, to Melania son
Batter's asset eye
Be successful getresults
Beer drinker's protrusion belly
Bosom buddy crony
Break-in deterrent alarm
Breaks down grammatically parses
Bunker or Breed's hill
Campanile sound peal
Captains' spots helms
China-Russia tensions of the 1950s-'60s sinosovietsplit
Closet pests moths
Colorful card game uno
Crumb-carrying bug ant
Declare false deny
Diagonal line, to a bowler spare
Elmer's, e.g glue
Fashion week topic style
Give a nudge to urge
Golden Calf, e.g idol
Had a bug ailed
Ham holder, perhaps rye
Hauled-away car, perhaps repo
Hockey announcer's shout score
How seafood may be shipped inice
Inscribe on a trophy, e.g etch
Is short owes
It beats nothing, in poker pair
It splits both North and South America thegreatdivide
Its events include fencing and shooting pentathlon
Kept under cover hid
Leave dumbstruck stun
Like Madame Tussauds figures waxen
Lothario's look ogle
Mouselike rodent vole
One-for-one trade swap
Original sin site eden
Original sinner in 54-Down adam
Pacific battle site, in brief iwo
Passive principle yin
Patronize U-Haul rent
Paydirt yield ore
Philatelist's collection holder album
Pinochle combo meld
Place to buy lox deli
Put one over on fool
River of Bristol avon
Roll-call equivalent of 23-Across yea
Sailors' patron saint elmo
Sand castle's destroyer tide
Set one's heart on, with 'to' aspire
Shaft in a drivetrain axle
Snorkeling site reef
Soybean holder pod
Spark-producing rock flint
Sport in a circular ring sumo
Stereotypical hobo fare stew
Swab's affirmative aye
Swirl in a stream eddy
Team in a shell crew
Tempo slower than adagio lento
Test for gold content, say assay
Toe the line obey
Tranquilizer-carrying missile dart
Treater's words onme
Unit yielding a fixed dividend preferredshare
Win the favor of endear
___ card (smartphone component) sim
___ diem worker per
___-Contra Affair iran
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