How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 28 2019

'19,' '21' and '25' singer adele
'A ___ pittance!' mere
'Come again?' what
'Hogwash!' rot
17-Across in 'The Matrix' neo
Acts the sluggard lazes
Autumn shade ocher
Banned football formation flyingwedge
Barn dance number reel
Big Bad Wolf's victim pig
Bookmarked addr url
Brief visit stopover
Butcher's appliance meatgrinder
Cause of a cold front airmass
Cheese similar to cheddar colby
Cheesesteak city, familiarly philly
Class ring figure year
Clod-busting tool hoe
Cookie in Jell-O pudding oreo
Cost of membership dues
Crosses to bear woes
Earth mover, for short dozer
Eshkol of Israel levi
Expected result norm
Fantasy league figures stats
Feathers adhesive of old tar
Fit Plus console wii
Get more mileage out of reuse
Gift tag word from
Give off, as vibes emit
Handle the reins steer
Law and medicine, for two careers
Lea females ewes
Leave rolling in the aisles slay
Like Death Valley's climate arid
Like Manhattan urban
Like swampland miry
Liverpudlian, e.g brit
Make a bonehead play err
Many fossils bones
March Madness letters ncaa
May 33-Down, familiarly indy
Maze features deadends
NASCAR event race
Newsboy's cry of old extra
Not perfectly round oval
Occur as a result ensue
Of humble status lowly
Olive shade drab
One living in town local
Oodles and oodles slews
Packers great Starr bart
Part of a door frame jamb
Pindaric works odes
Place to be put up inn
Place to do time slammer
Pony Express load mail
Prey for a barracuda eel
Quite unlike a 62-Across sober
Rambo or Indiana Jones actionhero
Remove the rind from pare
Results of hung juries retrials
Rudely terse curt
Shutout, in part of a tennis set lovegame
Sighed words ahme
Slangy prefix meaning 'super' uber
Suffix with zillion aire
The Beatles' 'Penny ___' lane
The Nautilus was the first nuclearsub
Time to carol noel
Timely blessing boon
Transvaal settler boer
Un-PC suffix, often ette
Vaper's buy ecig
Venom or botulin toxin
W.C. Fields persona souse
Winter creations snowmen
Woodward of 'Rachel, Rachel' joanne
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