How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Sep 20 2001

''Out . . . . . . ., out of mind'' OFSIGHT
''The . . . . . . . should stick to his last'' COBBLER
A general political pardon AMNESTY
A kind of taxi or car for hire HACKNEY
A lush ice-cream - sounds Sabbatical SUNDAE
A minor, not main, traffic artery BYROAD
Afraid of cedars SCARED
An over-supply, harvest surplus GLUT
Chair pad or pillow CUSHION
Crime of fire-setting ARSON
Dinner bell or slang medal GONG
Disease of mad dogs RABIES
Easing of strained relationships between countries DETENTE
Edgar Allen, great American writer of eerie stories POE
End of cigarette or counterfoil of cheque STUB
Equilibrium or symmetry BALANCE
Execute with axe as in olden days BEHEAD
Extreme anger RAGE
Having strange charm, or doomed in Scotland FEY
In the way - in France DETROP
It's a certainty - put wager on it YOUBET
It's unimportant, who cares SOWHAT
Macbeth feared . . . . . . Wood coming to Dunsinane BIRNAM
Norway's capital OSLO
Of orchestra, bring instruments to correct pitch TUNEUP
Over there, Rodney YONDER
Peas grow in it POD
Portable in coat, small POCKET
Ragged at the edges FRAYED
Romantic and loving AMOROUS
Rope to fasten or restrain animal TETHER
Sagest kind of play venues STAGES
Stick your . . . . . . . - risk it NECKOUT
The archer's missile ARROW
The burning cord of candle WICK
Thieves and burglars ROBBERS
To do with hearing AURAL
To do with the voice, say cords VOCAL
Torture device that stretches RACK
Turning point, crux CRISIS
Weep or shout CRY
Work with wool KNIT
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