How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Oct 15 2004

A child's dog BOWWOW
A formal loo TOILET
A long abusive denunciation TIRADE
A student at school or eye part PUPIL
Being told no to request, will not oblige REFUSAL
Belgian city or feudal chief LIEGE
Cloth square worn while eating NAPKIN
Experienced, say, emotion FELT
Expunge, rub out DELETE
Fit of shivering or fever AGUE
Flattery of saccharine kind SWEETTALK
Gave summary of chief facts - drew them? OUTLINED
Governed harshly, weighed down OPPRESSED
It used to be Persia IRAN
Jeer or interrupt speaker from crowd HECKLE
Leaps to find teacher of faith APOSTLE
Loose cloak with mask for upper face DOMINO
Not anchored, floating freely ADRIFT
Old footman or servile follower LACKEY
One under par for hole of golf BIRDIE
Person who puts on airs, a phoney POSEUR
Pshaw, is like a stinging insect WASPISH
Requires or wants NEEDS
Reverse attitude - on bicycle? BACKPEDAL
Show great anger - . . . . your lid FLIP
Show or display, say feeling EVINCE
Souvenir or memento KEEPSAKE
Swim for pleasure, and clean oneself BATHE
Talk louder, can't hear you SPEAKUP
The glasses in spectacles LENSES
The pot calls it black KETTLE
Tips or highest points APEXES
Turned key to permit entry, or removed lid OPENED
Twirls aimlessly like thumbs TWIDDLES
Withdraw from post or competition STANDDOWN
Wrestles or struggles at close quarters GRAPPLES
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