How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) May 23 2008

Administrative division of Switzerland CANTON
Cast, hurl THROW
Deprive of dignity, make to feel ashamed HUMILIATE
Device that generates an intense ray of light LASER
Dickens boy, an . . . . . . Dodger ARTFUL
Dwell in desire RESIDE
Example or explanatory model PARADIGM
Force of a collision IMPACT
Hesitate, be uncertain FALTER
It's also called the mountain ash ROWANTREE
Lady . . . . . . . . was Nelson's lover HAMILTON
Lovely ladies of the ball BELLES
Low or subdued voice pitch UNDERTONE
Major artery at left of heart AORTA
Malinger in the earliest stage of development GERMINAL
Mount . . . . . . . . in USA has carved heads of presidents RUSHMORE
Of or in Spring VERNAL
Pitted with small holes like skin POROUS
Polynesian garland of flowers LEI
Protest or disagree mildly DEMUR
Proverb or saying ADAGE
Reap as harvest GLEAN
Restore confidence about erasures REASSURE
Routine tasks CHORES
Samedi or Sabato or Samstag SATURDAY
Showing no activity like stale water STAGNANT
Spoke with defective sibilants LISPED
Stick to or remain faithful ADHERE
Suitable for Pat APT
Swedish actress who wanted to be alone GARBO
The humble local tavern PUB
Threw up like salad or coin TOSSED
Trousers reaching to just below the knee BREECHES
What you swap for tat TIT
Widespread dislike and contempt ODIUM
Work out or describe in detail ELABORATE
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