How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Mar 16 2007

A great canal or a straw hat PANAMA
A maker of barrels COOPER
A playing card given added value in some games TRUMP
A self-interested conceited person EGOIST
A surgical stitch in wound SUTURE
A thorny bush like the wild rose BRIER
Adjusted or made ready as for action - as for car acceleration? GEARED
Archaic injunction to be careful, look out BEWARE
Device with magnetic needle for determining direction COMPASS
Disordered state of mind due to fever DELIRIUM
Disturb or stir up AGITATE
Drink poured as offering to a god LIBATION
Flanks, or opposing teams SIDES
Followed by private detective, having rear appendage TAILED
Hostility shown in speech or action ANIMUS
Imperial measure of land ACRE
Its capital is Kampala UGANDA
Kind of monkey or blood group RHESUS
Language formerly used by educated Chinese, or a kind of orange MANDARIN
Mischievous like small devil IMPISH
Number defining a thing's position in series ORDINAL
NW Italian city with famous Shroud TURIN
Object worshipped by primitive people or of abnormal sexual interest FETISH
Order to pay that bounces at the bank BADCHEQUE
Save from damnation or pay back loan REDEEM
Shakespeare: ' . . . . . . lies the head that wears a crown' UNEASY
Small and dainty in France PETITE
Tag master with cunning plan STRATAGEM
Ten cents in USA DIME
The bride may be carried across this door bottom THRESHOLD
The capital of Latvia RIGA
The essential point of the matter GIST
The fat cleric in Robin Hood's gang FRIARTUCK
Thomas . . . . . ., great American inventor EDISON
Try, make an effort ATTEMPT
Worshipped like graven image IDOLISED
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