How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Jul 19 2006

'. . . . . . . is the best policy' HONESTY
A break or gap in series or sequence HIATUS
A small pill or an inscribed panel TABLET
A student's rubber, or the one who uses it ERASER
A violent storm like Shakespeare's TEMPEST
Admiral lover of Lady Hamilton NELSON
Celebration, religious or artistic FESTIVAL
Chooses not to participate OPTSOUT
Condemned to hell DOOMED
Current period of 24 hours TODAY
Curves about cars ARCS
First name of Dickens boy Twist OLIVER
Knob-like swellings NODES
Means test for people distinguished in service to the people STATESMEN
Niche or recess ALCOVE
Of clothes, not formal CASUAL
Of work, made tired FAGGED
Offering to a divine being OBLATION
Person regarded as source of knowledge, like old Greek prophet ORACLE
Piece of material used to cover hole in clothes PATCH
Place for old-fashioned dancing - and romance? BALLROOM
Pledges or religious oaths VOWS
Raucous sound while sleeping SNORE
Reduce to a lower rank as punishment DEMOTE
Room to manoeuvre as for ship LEEWAY
Sheet of paper giving information LEAFLET
Slight and difficult to detect, like some humour SUBTLE
Speak wildly and incoherently RANT
Spoke with sibilant defects LISPED
Summer-house with wide view GAZEBO
Sums of money saved for the future - by birds? NESTEGGS
Time for which a stored item remains usable, as in shop SHELFLIFE
Traffic control by policeman for toy pundit POINTDUTY
Unpleasant fact person is made to realise about himself HOMETRUTH
Volcano in Sicily ETNA
Words spoken from side of mouth ASIDES
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