How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Jan 19 2008

'Honesty is the best . . . . . .' POLICY
A fragrant medicinal gum BALSAM
A hotchpotch, perhaps of nonsense FARRAGO
A rugby score TRY
A vein of metal ore LODE
A view held as probable OPINION
Aid as in committing crime ABET
Belonging to former or ancient times ARCHAIC
Bliss, intense delight RAPTURE
Cast, hurl THROW
Climbed or removed fish skin SCALED
Consecrated oil CHRISM
Crazy - in jazzy way? SCATTY
Determined and unyielding to requests ADAMANT
Diluted by opposer of new technology LUDDITE
Drills or is tedious BORES
Drinking glass with stem and foot GOBLET
Duck's cry or dud doctor QUACK
Egg made of tin NIT
Generosity in giving - or mutinous ship BOUNTY
Happen, take place OCCUR
Hit her, being towards this place HITHER
Holy smoke INCENSE
It goes with faith and charity HOPE
Kind of meal where guests serve themselves BUFFET
Limit quantity as of food during scarcity RATION
Loyalty and allegiance FEALTY
Of copper CUPRIC
Paleness of face PALLOR
Pass from existence, become extinct DIEOUT
Practice boxing with wooden beam SPAR
Role for tradition LORE
Rope for restraining an animal TETHER
Scale for measuring earth tremors RICHTER
Shakespeare: 'Love's . . . . . . . Lost' LABOURS
Sham, not genuine PHONEY
The first known murderer CAIN
There's an old one by the stream, Nellie Dean MILL
This leg is artificial PEG
Thus - in Latin SIC
Traditional Scottish song 'Auld . . . . Syne' LANG
Where a plane's pilot sits COCKPIT
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