How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) Mar 28 2014

Bill gets the French to park in service area? TABLETOP
Carefully approach as this is popular with primate in the end? SOFTLYSOFTLY
Describes Tom but I'm not convinced SCEPTICAL
Detests Redcoats leaving across the board ABHORS
Free-for-all is more than a bit sheepish between barmen at Point SCRAMBLE
Hereditary condition in bar for last two characters in capital LINEAL
Hot rod unsettled bull for conformist ORTHODOX
In my opinion, second mate is in sea reportedly to get it ASISEEIT
It's inherent museum gets land around middle of Ennis IMMANENT
Latin must change? And, this presumably will encourage you to learn it faster! STIMULANT
Local outsider keeps famous monster¹s neck straight perhaps in hospital BOLTER
Looking back, discovered in mozzarella tart further up TALLER
Mandarin comes with a stamp on it OFFICIAL
Nice of Mae West missing Ma! SWEET
No debts for Parnell, Fitzwilliam and Mountjoy ALLSQUARE
Orders copies of Proclamation! EDICTS
Sells the scarlet letter and pencils in bitter school to worker BOOKSALESMAN
Sounds like pat on the back for honey producer heard in church PRAISEBE
Sounds like something dirty footballer might keep as a memento for philatelist BOOKOFSTAMPS
Sounds like something one of the peacekeepers would wear for release UNTIE
Takes a chance losing head in Rover AMBLER
Teachers' organisation transformed? Is the way things stand! ASITIS
To say nothing of anonymous British regiment hiding what's in good condition ASWELLAS
Top-up has exploded component of fertiliser POTASH
Walks away from royal college with leaders in the summertime QUITS
What one of the gravediggers has to do in Hamlet is idiotic behaviour ACTLIKEAFOOL
What promoter does for Emma and Clarissa for example BOOKS
Won back in ship going to neighbour¿s soldier in atrocious weather SNOWSTORM
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