How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Crosaire) Mar 20 2000

Always on foot, just a little, not on hand BOOTEES
Always on hand, not on foot PALMS
Always on hand, not on foot FINGER
At the end of the street the Times has them all for show STAGES
Break the star and it will go bad on either side ASTRADDLE
Father, now that he's up and got his clothes on, may be spoken to ADDRESSED
How attractive to have egg in the outside of the nag! ENGAGING
However tender, one is not so keen on 'er OFFER
If it's under a pound, this will always get the prize EVER
It might be a sewer, perhaps, but sounds nice SINGER
It's not 7 down and not from 15 across yet is one of a bunch BANANA
It's on the cards it's not 18 across STRAIGHT
It's said to have ten in the scene to be served SENTENCE
Mean that one gets able to be sad MISER
Might Herb feel around the North at the double? FENNEL
One may be rid of about one of this, and that's flat IRONED
One tars an example of this, by the sound of it APEMAN
Put A in meal and put it in water LAUNCH
Sounds as if naught could make a pilot of this AERO
That comes from the goat or the top of the doctor MOHAIR
That could be five, or skip around in pussy CAVORT
That may be how a gun has got broken, Laurence; it's so thin ANGULAR
That's the way to get the end of 11 across BREATHE
That's what it was like with Pa in ACHED
That's what such a friendly fool, by the sound of it, gets for lying PALLIASSE
The catch in this is that it's up to almost all one's mate ENTRAP
The potentate is grand in the end of 11 across AMIR
The speed at which they got to bury Becket there CANTER
The way it's been made you can take it as read, by the sound of it ROUGED
There's no saying what this is, as it's been lying up with Edward DENIAL
Though there won't be a drink at the funeral, one will go to it ATTEND
What only 15 across can do, by appointment MAKEADATE
When there's too much of it, Anthony makes it sinful GLUTTONY
You get this on hand and foot NAIL
You may get this on hand and foot WAITED
You'd never get this for a present THEPAST
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