How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post May 30 2017

'Dancing Queen' pop group ABBA
'For __ a jolly ... ' HES
'Got it, man' IDIG
'Kid Tested' cereal KIX
'Mamma __!': 5-Down musical MIA
'Oh, of course!' ISEE
'Star Wars' princess LEIA
'The Simpsons' shop owner APU
A6 automaker AUDI
Adjective for a British Invasion foursome FAB
Alumna bio word NEE
Apple computers MACS
Around 10:00 am MIDMORN
Catch sight of SPOT
Cease END
Chimney receptacle ASHPIT
Chinese currency YUAN
Cincinnati NFL team BENGALS
Combat vet's affliction, briefly PTSD
Country singer Tucker TANYA
Couple's possessive OUR
Dinner holder PLATE
Discuss to death REHASH
Dream letters REM
Drug cop NARC
Fish-and-chips fish COD
Folk singer Seeger PETE
Grand __: wine label words CRU
Gridiron strategy PUNT
Grow old AGE
Had a religious awakening FOUNDGOD
HBO's 'Game of __' THRONES
Heckler's cry BOO
Hitchhiker's digit THUMB
Hungry, probably UNFED
In any case ATLEAST
Japanese noodle SOBA
Kitty Hawk locale ... and what the circled letters graphically represent OUTERBANKS
Lather on lattes FOAM
Like medieval Europe's social structure FEUDALISTIC
Like some hunting jackets TWEEDY
Lost it all WENTBUST
Margery of kids' rhyme DAW
Mike and Carol's blended TV family BRADYBUNCH
Military day's march ETAPE
Minded the kids SAT
Musical group with conga drums SALSABAND
Off the wall INSANE
Oral health org ADA
Paranormal OCCULT
Pod veggies PEAS
Prepare (oneself), as for a shock BRACE
Remove respectfully, as a hat DOFF
Risqué message SEXT
Say openly AVOW
Season ticket holder, probably FAN
Self-worth EGO
Share parts with OVERLAP
Single-masted ships SLOOPS
Skewered Indonesian dish SATAY
Stage performer ACTOR
Start of some email subj. lines FWD
Steak-lobster combo, on menus SURFANDTURF
Sticks (to) ADHERES
Tag sale tag words ASIS
Texter's 'Yikes!' OMG
Tickle Me Elmo toy company TYCO
Triangular road sign YIELD
Twistable cookie OREO
UFO crew, supposedly ETS
Upper limb ARM
Where season ticket holders sit STANDS
Where to learn to crawl? SWIMCLASS
Willem of 'American Psycho' DAFOE
__ jar TIP
__ Major URSA
__ rasa: clean slate TABULA
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