How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post May 27 2019

'... wish __ a star' upon
'101' course title word intro
'60s TV show whose title means 'doctor' in Swahili daktari
'Ask Ann Landers' sister column dearabby
'Did __ something wrong?' ido
'Forever' post office purchase stamp
'Sounds good' okay
'What a great __!' idea
39.37 inches, in Liverpool metre
Abandon bachelorhood wed
Adam's mate eve
Astaire headwear tophat
Attempt 'more than one can chew,' in an idiom biteoff
Bandmate of Crosby and Stills nash
Beef recall cause ecoli
Boxing contest match
Breakfast cereal with dried grapes raisinbran
Choir number hymn
Cologne squirts spritzes
Covered with frosting iced
Curly salon job perm
Delhi dress sari
Enlightened cry aha
Enthusiastic review rave
Expected result norm
Feel poorly ail
Felt the pain ached
Fictional sleuth Wolfe nero
Foolhardy rash
Former 'Iron Chef America' chef Cat __ cora
Former JFK lander sst
Garden of __ eden
Gorbachev's land: Abbr ussr
Govt.-issued aid ssi
Handy list in the back index
HBO rival, briefly sho
Icon tapper user
José's 'L'chaim!' salud
Letting up abating
Long, hard trip trek
Maritime emergency letters sos
Mets' old stadium shea
Mex. neighbor usa
Morticia Addams, to Gomez tish
Nickelodeon toon tot rugrat
No longer squeaking oiled
Olive Garden, e.g restaurantchain
Pelican State sch lsu
Pulsate throb
Room size calculation area
Sassy pert
Seven, in Spain siete
Small charcoal grill hibachi
Smooth-talking glib
Solidify clot
Spacek of 'Bloodline' sissy
Spitting sound ptui
Spot for stubble chin
Stir to anger rile
Strings at luaus ukes
Surprised by a shower ... and a hint involving certain outer letters of 20-, 32- and 40-Across caughtintherain
Suspicious (of) wary
Swedish retailer ikea
Talent show for 17 seasons, briefly idol
Tennis legend Arthur ashe
Tied, scorewise even
Tokyo, formerly edo
Trunk of the body torso
UPS competitor fedex
Viral concern at the Rio Olympics zika
Website ID url
Wild blue yonder sky
Wind instrument commonly played horizontally flute
Winning big rakingitin
Yucky stuff glop
Zodiac transition point cusp
__ Scotia nova
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