How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Jan 19 2018

'A Hard Road to Glory' author ashe
'Kid-Tested, Mother-Approved' brand kix
'Let's do it!' imin
'Out of Africa' setting kenya
'Roar' singer katyperry
'The Fresh Prince of __-Air' bel
Antarctica, for example desert
Arctic trout char
Attention getter ahem
Batman nemesis, with 'the' joker
Batter's command of the strike zone, in baseball lingo good
Big Bird buddy elmo
Binging onajag
Bush 43, so he said, with 'the' decider
Certain surfer user
Charged fish? eels
Checkout choice debit
Chip topper cheesedip
Chrysler Building style deco
Coffeehouse draw aroma
Conjunctivitis pink
Coop cries coos
Course that may cover a crash: Abbr econ
Domains spheres
Drama set at an advertising agency madmen
E alternative? snail
Favorable thing to be on roll
Fighting anti
French epic hero roland
Genesis victim abel
Goes back (on) reneges
Halliwell once known as Ginger Spice geri
Hidden 3-D image magic
Hotel handout areamap
Incubator site nest
Intuition third
Iowa athlete hawk
Jodie Foster title role nell
Lacking in some way lean
Large pipes mains
Like Lamb Chop ovine
Malfoy, to Potter foe
New Balance competitor avia
Nibble nosh
One-named Nigerian singer sade
Order to a sea dog avast
Pacific salmon sock
Physical feature of Peter Falk and Sammy Davis Jr glass
Pilot that can't fly honda
Prepared to eat, as a banana peeled
Prepares to take off taxis
Quinnipiac University product poll
Really big stretch eon
Reflective semiprecious stone cats
Relative of a Yodel hoho
Rte. that crosses Lake Michigan by ferry usten
Sagacious wise
Scornful glance ... and a hint to completing 12 aptly placed answers sideeye
Set of values ethos
Sighed line ahme
Sign on a highway noturns
Silk Road desert gobi
Similar alike
Skin-and-bones sort scrag
Slogs treks
Sooner State city enid
Soul seller kia
State as fact aver
Subject of Zola's 'J'Accuse...!' dreyfus
Toledo opening? holy
Type of coordination hand
Unassisted peeper naked
USB and others ports
Van Morrison's '__ the Mystic' into
Whalebone baleen
Wolverine rival buck
Z's shut
__-Z: classic Camaro iroc
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