How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Feb 18 2018

'70s-'80s batting instructor Charlie lau
'90s Indian prime minister rao
'It's My Party' singer Gore lesley
'It's suddenly clear' iseenow
'It's __ wind ... ' anill
'M*A*S*H' extra rok
'Mi casa __ casa' essu
'One sec' amoment
'Rocky' role adrian
'Star Trek' spin-off, briefly tng
'__ to eat and run ... ' ihate
'__ woods these are I think I know': Frost whose
1991 Steve Martin film set in Calif lastory
2017 Pac-12 champs usc
Adenauer sobriquet meaning 'the old man' deralte
Altar agreements idos
Amazon business etail
Arizona tourist attraction (#34) painteddesert
Array of chocolates, say sampler
Athletic retiree? (#37) uniformnumber
Austrian expressionist Schiele egon
Available onhand
Bad spell hex
Big ones are found on Wall Street egos
Bk. after Proverbs eccl
Bobby in a 1971 #1 hit mcgee
Breakdown of social norms anomie
Brown __ ale
Cartoon strip panel
Cheesy 'Welsh' dishes rarebits
Cliff dwellings aeries
Cold and wet, maybe sleety
Common attached file pdf
Conan of 'Conan' obrien
Country rocker Steve earle
Diner come-on eathere
Dining __ car
Discharges egests
Dorm room, perhaps sty
Dressing choice italian
Dutch export edam
Exercise beads? sweat
Fanfare hoopla
Fields of comedy totie
Film based on the novel 'Shoeless Joe' (#32) fieldofdreams
Finish behind loseto
Fix, as a rattan chair recane
Former '60 Minutes' debater __ Alexander shana
Friend of Hobbes calvin
Front line? isobar
Funny Martha raye
Gain a lap sit
Garr of 'Tootsie' teri
Goes on a tirade rants
Gp. created by a 1955 merger aflcio
Group in a drive herd
Hammer site ear
Happens as a result ensues
Has legs lasts
Hybrid with thorns tearose
Inventor Tesla nikola
Invited to one's place hadin
Israeli author who wrote 'A Tale of Love and Darkness' amosoz
It usually begins 'How many (whatever) does it take ... ' (#36) lightbulbjoke
Japanese chess shogi
Judge of hoops ref
Kiddie lit hero created by Hans and Margret Rey (#18) curiousgeorge
Knight clubs maces
KOA visitor rver
Letting it all hang out, theatrically emoting
Like supermarkets and stadiums aisled
Long Island paper newsday
Longtime rock 'n' roll disc jockey Dan ingram
Loses interest in tiresof
Low tie oneall
Macy's red star, e.g logo
Main squeeze steady
Many Beethoven pieces sonatas
Matthew of 'The Americans' rhys
Menu option undo
Mirabile __: wonderful to say dictu
Mosque leader imam
Most confident surest
Mr. Clean competitor lestoil
Mtge.-offering business sandl
Must needsto
Odds and ends rummage
One-named folk singer odetta
Overage excess
Oversimplify, with 'down' dumb
Physical strength muscle
Pine forest floor covering needles
Pitcher Jesse with a record 1,252 regular-season appearances orosco
Planetary reflected-light ratio albedo
Prepares (oneself) for impact braces
Preppy jackets etons
Pulitzer journalist Seymour hersh
Put a stop to cease
Raise rear
Ran out, as a supply driedup
Religious high point? (#33) churchsteeple
Revelations ahas
Rhythm rattler maraca
River to the Rhein aare
Seething inarage
Shakespearean attendant varlet
Sharp products tvs
Singer Gorme eydie
Small eggs ovules
Small team duo
Space cadet? alien
Spiced up zested
Stay under the radar lielow
Stunning surprise shocker
Surfing indoors, say online
Suspense novelist Tami hoag
Sways on a curve careens
Tennis great Steffi graf
The Beavers of the Pac-12 osu
Thrice, in Rx's ter
Trigger was one palomino
Truckers' competition roadeo
Turns inside out everts
Veep between Dick and Mike joe
Website page home
Welsh herding dogs corgis
What love and hate share? silente
What's hidden in answers with an apt '#' in their clues presidentialmonograms
Wine characteristic body
Winnebago descendants iowas
Winter wear parka
X-ray examiner, perhaps dentist
Yankees' pitcher Masahiro tanaka
__ Gimignano: walled Tuscany town san
'A Wrinkle in Time' director DuVernay ava
'Fire' stones opals
'Right away!' now
'The Beverly Hillbillies' patriarch jed
'The Lost World' beast raptor
'True Life' channel mtv
'Well, I never!' whatnerve
'___ That I Love You' (Rihanna song) hate
1975 film that Pauline Kael said 'may be the most cheerfully perverse scare movie ever made' jaws
Academic octet ivies
Amazon's brand of smart speakers echo
Aquafina rival evian
Author E.L. James's real first name erika
Avalanche, to a mountain climber, e.g peril
Bandleader Pérez Prado's sobriquet kingofthemambo
Berkshire school eton
Betray a sulky mood pout
Beverage sponsoring many a Super Bowl halftime show pepsi
Binary code digits ones
Body shop lifter jack
Bother ado
Bottom of a boat hull
Brazilian berry acai
Canine from Japan akita
Carpeting calculation area
Circumvented avoided
Comedian Kondabolu who starred in the documentary 'The Problem With Apu' hari
Concern for Poirot motive
Coral reef formation atoll
Country that borders Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean kenya
Cryptocrystalline form of quartz onyx
Deep space? sea
Devil's Cut bourbon brand jimbeam
Dirk Nowitzki's team, briefly mavs
Disease caused by plasmodium parasites malaria
Displays satisfaction smiles
Domestic employee who resides at the place of employment liveinnanny
Elongated swimmer eel
Emmy-winning Eartha kitt
ESPN.com senior sportswriter Torre pablo
Evening, in ads nite
Events with ice cream socials
Exclude omit
Exec's degree, perhaps mba
Extract, as a splinter tweeze
Fire sign? alarm
First word of many 48 Down who
Fish-filled shell, maybe taco
Fly like a moth flutter
Former NHL team that relocated to Colorado in 1995 quebecnordiques
Founder of a fruit spread company smucker
Genetic letters rna
German car company's motorcycle, in slang beemer
Gets in a pool, in a way dives
Glowing sphere, maybe orb
Gomez's sitcom cousin itt
Having sore knees, say achy
High or low card ace
Highway section lane
His first bout as a pro was against Hunsaker ali
Home of the Huskies uconn
Honor for Crowe or Finch bestactor
Hookup in a hospital ivtube
It joined OPEC in 1961 qatar
It makes noise in a crib rattle
It's primarily nitrogen air
James of film caan
James of music etta
Jumpers from Down Under, briefly roos
Left, in a way movedout
Like cues given aloud verbal
Like some bar drinks ontap
Like some rebates mailin
Like tightrope walking risky
Linguistic pattern syntax
Make a mend, say sew
Maker of i-opening products? apple
Mocked, as at recess teased
Modifiers of nouns relativeclauses
Moose kin elk
Mousse kin gel
Movie star Dianne who turns into movie star Mae when I ain't there? wiest
Multinational state that dissolved at the end of World War I austriahungary
Musical Greenwich ellie
Muslim cleric's ruling fatwa
Nile Valley slitherers asps
No later than until
Not on the dot inexact
Numbers pronoun thou
Oil and water sources wells
Org. with many programs exposed in 2013 nsa
Overly lean gaunt
Parts ___ million per
Pasta variety penne
Pastime for posers? yoga
Peyton's little brother eli
Piercing place earlobe
Poet's foot iamb
Puzzle that spells out a quotation acrostic
R&B singer Marie teena
Record producer Adler lou
Red Wings great Gordie howe
Rice : Burroughs :: ___ : Poe allan
Rolled lunch wrap
Safe, as at 98 Across alee
Savings plans, briefly iras
Scheduled to arrive due
Scroll repositories arks
Seamstress's fastener pin
Sent up a la Mel Brooks spoofed
Served as an attendant for a knight squired
Shifts slightly budges
Shorn creatures ewes
Shrek creator William steig
Sign of a bad egg odor
Slender and graceful svelte
Small units of energy ergs
Smartphone speaker siri
SNL alum Bayer vanessa
Software giant ibm
Some Firestone products radialtires
Some job benefits perks
Source of fake news liar
Spa staffers masseurs
Spiff (up) gussy
Styling station salon
Sulky mood snit
Super Floss maker oralb
Swizzles stirs
Talocrural joint sites ankles
To-do list listing task
Tots' parents mamas
Trash collectors? bins
Tux accessories studs
Type of football defense zone
Variety ilk
Visits for a bit stopsby
Wales's national flower daffodil
William and Mary, e.g names
Work up a sweat toil
___ Kong hong
___ Pistols sex
___ pods (laundry detergent packs) tide
___ weevil boll
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