How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Dec 24 2018

'Fame' singer Cara irene
'For __ sake!' petes
'Golly!' gee
'Strange Magic' band elo
'The Deuce' network hbo
'__ been thinking ... ' ive
Artificial sweetener ... and what the end of 17-, 26-, 48- and 58-Across is, literally sugarsubstitute
Baja bear oso
Bank acct. addition dep
Baseball's Doubleday abner
Basic card game war
Batman's sidekick robin
Binge spree
Bitter acrid
Bovine baby calf
Brewers' kilns oasts
Bridal gown netting tulle
Brit's hot 'spot' cupoftea
Burn brightly blaze
Capital of Morocco rabat
Corp. kingpin exec
Croc's cousin gator
Debonair suave
Fewest least
Film buffs' channel tcm
Former nuclear agcy aec
French states etats
George Washington hairpiece powderedwig
Goldbricks loafs
Hang down dangle
Heat in the microwave zap
Hershey's nibble kiss
Highly adorned ornate
How a timely stage entrance is made oncue
Iconic hat-shaped L.A. restaurant brownderby
Intl. commerce group wto
Jack of 'Barney Miller' soo
Jargon lingo
Keebler cracker zesta
Letter after eta theta
Light beer brand coors
Like damaged mdse. on sale irr
LP record album
Miscalculate err
Moody music genre emo
Motown music genre soul
Nest tweet chirp
Pad __: Asian noodles dish thai
Persian Gulf emirate dubai
Persian Gulf ship oiler
Personal ad woman: Abbr swf
Pieman meeter of rhyme simplesimon
Prefix with port heli
Pumpkin-growing place patch
Really drunk tankedup
Saints quarterback Drew brees
Scheme plot
Shade trees elms
Simpson trial judge Lance __ ito
Singer DiFranco ani
Six-pack muscles abs
Sleep stage rem
Socially chilly aloof
Stamp sellers: Abbr pos
Standard & __ poors
Stop cease
Storied loch ness
Successful hitchhiker rider
Tater spud
Tiny source of teen angst zit
Toronto NHL team mapleleafs
Totally lost atsea
Unsolicited, as a manuscript onspec
Upper crust groups elites
USN rank ens
Way off the highway exit
__ and terminer: criminal court oyer
__ Lauder estee
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