How many letters in the Answer?

The Washington Post Apr 19 2016

'Frasier' character NILESCRANE
'___ had it!' IVE
10 years before the Battle of Hastings MLVI
Actor Kilmer VAL
Actress Hagen UTA
Animated film featuring the voice of Woody Allen ANTZ
Attack with vigor ASSAIL
Badminton barrier NET
Ben & Jerry's parent company UNILEVER
Broadband inits DSL
City where Mark Twain is buried ELMIRA
Cleveland cager, for short CAV
Coeur d'___, Idaho ALENE
Comment from someone observing a food fight, perhaps SOJUVENILE
Connected, as a hotel bathroom ENSUITE
Contaminate TAINT
Coors competitor PABST
Country whose tricolor flag is black, yellow, and red BELGIUM
Cover LID
Cowpoke's buddy PARD
Cracked AJAR
Dance move STEP
Dandy leader? JIM
Dilapidated digs RATTRAP
Double-platinum Steely Dan album AJA
Early Mexican AZTEC
Excursion TRIP
Feature of some work boots STEELTIP
File's partner RANK
Frazier foe ALI
From Santiago CHILEAN
Give a bad review to PAN
Hamburger crowd? DREI
Illuminated studio sign ONAIR
Insinuate GETAT
It falls away when you rise LAP
Jazzy Horne LENA
Katey of 'Married...With Children' SAGAL
Lab maze runners MICE
Language in which 'lion' is 'simba' SWAHILI
Lead role in a classic Arthur Miller play LOMAN
Like some sports records ALLTIME
Like the 2012 Syrian rebellion SUNNILED
Mathematician Turing ALAN
Mythological horseman? CENTAUR
Org. with Penguins and Ducks NHL
Pastry chef's creation CAKE
Physics Nobelist Bohr NIELS
Pitchfork wielder DEVIL
Prince Valiant's wife ALETA
Purina rival IAMS
Purpose USE
Refinement TASTE
River that runs through the answers at 17-, 23-, 37-, 54-, and 62-Across NILE
Sealed SHUT
Set straight ALIGN
Shipwrecked ship in 'Gilligan's Island' SSMINNOW
Sony music player introduced in 1984 DISCMAN
Subject of a 1922 discovery KINGTUT
Surprisingly NOLESS
Taiwan-based computer giant ACER
Tall Tolkien creature ENT
The 'I' in MIT (abbr.) INST
They may be followed in the kitchen RECIPES
Thrift shop transaction RESALE
USNA component (abbr.) NAV
Went in separate directions PARTED
Where to buy a Billy bookcase IKEA
Won all the games in a series SWEPT
Workout unit REP
Writer/director Ephron NORA
___ Jima IWO
___ Spumante ASTI
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