How many letters in the Answer?

Canadiana May 20 2019

Ad ____ hoc
Advantage edge
Anger ire
Bee sound hum
Bit of cloth rag
Canadian rock and country star ( monogram ) kdl
Carbamide urea
Cereal grain oat
Chops hews
Cobblers' standby last
Commerce trade
Comprehend see
Connoisseur aesthete
Corp. bigwig ceo
Distilled molasses rum
Do over redo
Double curves esses
Duct pore
Essential integral
Essential oils atars
Evaluate rate
Fidel's young brother raul
Gaelic kitty manx
Grow old age
Immobilized, in a way lased
Kind of camera ( acronym ) slr
Macaws ara
Maui memento lei
Merlot or chardonnay wine
Mild expletive drat
Mini's opposite maxi
Mounted soldier ulan
Music's ____ Turner tina
Out of kilter agee
Petals ala
Plaything doll
Premier Dexter's preceder macdonald
Premier Charest's preceder landry
Premier Graham's preceder lord
Premier Macdonald's preceder hamm
Premier Mcguinty's preceder eves
Premier Williams's preceder grimes
Rail passenger provider via
RC honouree ste
Resort spa
Royal acronym hrh
Salt in Saguenay sel
Satisfy sate
Sorrowful sad
Statutes acts
Sun god sol
Swiss river aare
Terminates ends
Theodore, familiarly ted
Three feet yard
Tidy neat
Tolkien critter ent
Troopers men
Turkish ruler aga
Unwell ill
Visual creation art
Vocalized sang
Whitetail or mule deer
Wood sorrels shamrocks
Word after tic and before toe tac
____ Mageste lese
____ Major (Big Dipper's constellation ) ursa
_____ ( She Wolf of The SS ) ilsa
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