How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 08 2013

''Be right with you'' INASEC
''Da Vinci Code'' setting PARIS
''Dude!'' MYMAN
''Figure __!'' ITOUT
''Green'' feeling ENVY
''I __ fool!'' AMA
''Meet the Parents'' star STILLER
''Service Above Self'' volunteers ROTARYCLUB
''Show Boat'' composer KERN
''South Park'' kid ERIC
''That's too bad'' AWGEE
''__ and me both!'' YOU
Actor Kilmer VAL
Actress Thurman UMA
Asian region, to the State Department AFPAK
Athens' region ATTICA
Author Zola EMILE
Backs of necks NAPES
Baldwin of ''30 Rock'' ALEC
Basic cable channel USA
Be too sweet CLOY
Belted constellation ORION
Bikini part BRA
Blacksmith's block ANVIL
Blanchett of ''Elizabeth'' CATE
BP buy of 1998 AMOCO
Carefully select CULL
Caribbean island STKITTS
Chicken cordon __ BLEU
Chinese pancake filler MOOSHU
Claim with many plaintiffs CLASSACTIONSUIT
Comprise ARE
Congressional contingent DEMOCRATICPARTY
Cools down ICES
Corp. leaders CEOS
Czech or Pole SLAV
Dash monitors TACHS
Decision points FORKS
Dept. of Labor unit OSHA
Disney duck DONALD
Dream phenomena REMS
Dress designer Wang VERA
Dress rehearsal TRIALRUN
Drink mixers and servers BARSTAFF
Droplet BEAD
Eel, in sushi bars UNAGI
EMTs' destinations ERS
Epcot spot: Abbr FLA
Explosive rounds AMMO
Firm belief CONVICTION
First course, maybe SOUP
Former UN member USSR
Formula One racing, for one MOTORSPORT
Fortune teller ORACLE
Frozen spear ICICLE
Fur tycoon ASTOR
Gazetteer statistic AREA
Gentle toss LOB
Giant of sci-fi ASIMOV
Gives some lip to SASSES
Go far and wide ROAM
Got together METUP
GPS heading SSE
GWB successor BHO
Have regrets about RUE
Heady quaffs ALES
How ham may be served ONRYE
In the fashion of ALA
Indictment ACCUSAL
Italian cheese, for short PARM
James Bond creator Fleming IAN
Korean car KIA
Lasting marks SCARS
Lawyers' org ABA
Leafy vegetable KALE
Leave out OMIT
Leaves speechless SHOCKS
Letterhead art LOGOS
Lifter of myth ATLAS
Like tubers ROOTY
Location close to the stage ROWB
Mailbox attachment FLAG
Make waterproof SEAL
More sensible SANER
Move like a jungle cat PROWL
Nasal partitions SEPTA
Newborn BABE
Nonprescription: Abbr OTC
Nothing but baloney PACKOFLIES
Okra portions PODS
Ole Miss rival BAMA
One-person vessels KAYAKS
Parched DRY
PD alert APB
Place with Wi-Fi HOTSPOT
Prepares to tell a secret LEANSIN
Prom ride LIMO
Ready to serve ONTAP
Recolor DYE
Repeated slogan CHANT
Ripened AGED
Scale note SOL
Second son ABEL
Shade providers ELMS
Sharp rebuke SLAP
Shoe specification EEE
Ski race SLALOM
Small hill KNOLL
Smartphone download APP
Some pickles DILLS
Sony Music competitor EMI
Southeast Asian island TIMOR
Space limit CAPACITY
Spanish king REY
Spanish silver PLATA
Sporting skin art TATTOOED
Stadium shout RAH
Stands at the plate BATS
Steeped beverage TEA
Stylish again RETRO
Successor to Arafat ABBAS
Suffix for project ILE
Sunrise direction EAST
Sweetie HON
Tablecloth sweepings CRUMBS
Thick slices SLABS
Triple-decker treat OREO
Untidy person SLOB
Vehicles without wheels SLEDS
Wall St. takeover LBO
Watch pocket FOB
Website for handmade crafts ETSY
Went fast SPED
What ''idea'' starts with LONGI
Whittle down PARE
Wines and dines WOOS
Winter coat PARKA
Wisdom tooth, e.g MOLAR
With ''The,'' Jean Auel novel CLANOFTHECAVEBEAR
Zilch NIL
__ podrida (miscellany) OLLA
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