How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 25 2012

''Beetle Bailey'' dog OTTO
''Didn't I tell you?'' SEE
''Sesame Street'' regular OSCAR
''To Rome With Love'' director ALLEN
According to PER
Antlered animal ELK
Be worth it PAY
Biscotti flavoring ANISE
Blaster's need TNT
Blue bird JAY
Box-score stats ATBATS
Buddy MAC
Buddy GUY
Candy dispenser of a sort COINOP
Casts forth SPEWS
Comrade PAL
Conferences TALKS
Cruise stop ISLE
Dinner chickens ROASTERS
Dispute settler UMP
Double curve ESS
Fine-tune ADJUST
Fitting APT
Garbage holder ASHCAN
Get clean WASHUP
Get-up-and-go PEP
Ginormous BIG
Go-to person ACE
Hamm of soccer MIA
Have a cow RANT
Homer Simpson's neighbor NED
Huge mouths CRAWS
Isolated from others ALONE
Locale, in law VENUE
Minute Maid owner COCACOLA
Model Tiegs CHERYL
Monster's supposed home NESS
MPs' quarries AWOLS
New Haven collegian ELI
Noblemen PEERS
Oktoberfest tune POLKA
Police weapon TASER
Pool table material SLATE
Pop up ARISE
Prankster's projectile PEA
Prepare for a bout TRAIN
Puccini pieces ARIAS
Put into law ENACT
Reading aid LAMP
Respectful title SIR
Roman wrap TOGA
Ruminates MUSES
Shoebox letters EEE
Sofa scratcher CAT
Some dinnerware PLATES
Split with an axe CLEAVE
St. crosser AVE
Storage tank VAT
Subtly suggests GETSAT
Suit material SERGE
Summer sign LEO
Talk trash about DIS
They have hands CATTLERANCHES
They have hands ANALOGWATCHES
They have hands CARDPLAYERS
Ticks off IRKS
Tin-star wearer LAWMAN
Tissue thickness PLY
Tried out TESTED
Try hard to win WOO
Unexpected, as some endings IRONIC
Wedding party ritual TOAST
Well-informed about UPON
Whole bunch TON
__ and all (as is) WARTS
__ cotta TERRA
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