How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 18 2017

''Iliad'' locale TROY
''The Little Mermaid'' villain URSULA
A pushover EASY
A-listers ELITE
Adapter designation ACDC
Added details ANDS
Apply, as paint LAYON
Back muscle, briefly LAT
Badger TEASE
Banks of fashion TYRA
Bard's eloper ROMEO
Be the boss RULE
Biblical role for Crowe NOAH
Bird-feeder food SUET
Brake component SHOE
Cameo stone ONYX
Card of courses MENU
Career's beginning EARLYYEARS
Color brighter than goldenrod CANARYYELLOW
Columbia Pictures owner SONY
Cultured dairy selection CHERRYYOGURT
Daffy or Donald TOON
Early 7th-century date DCIX
Elizabeth I's mom BOLEYN
Equi- equivalent ISO
Experts ACES
Fictional sleuth Cross ALEX
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Flannel shirt pattern PLAID
Four-legged plow pullers OXEN
Grad student's mentor PROF
Gutsy poker bet ALLIN
Heavy metal in westerns ANVIL
Helped reduce, as expenses DEFRAYED
Hit the ceiling GOMAD
Hoping to get on ATBAT
Ignore, with ''out'' TUNE
In an orderly formation ARRAYED
Informal question DIDYA
Ivy's twiner TENDRIL
Ketch's kitchen GALLEY
Lab monkey RHESUS
Lorry fuel PETROL
Major prank HOAX
Marc Antony foe AGRIPPA
Metrical tributes ODES
Mineral sources ORES
Mythical bow toter EROS
Neighbor of Wyo IDA
Nonfactor at domed stadiums RAIN
Northern South American GUYANESE
Not taking sides NEUTRAL
Ole Miss rival BAMA
On a cruise ATSEA
Persuade gently COAX
Philippine island LEYTE
Prefix for hero ANTI
Quarrelsome, as a mood UGLY
Quarterback Manning ELI
Reminiscent of fake fruit WAXY
Rhythmic swing LILT
Right-angle shape ELL
River of Spain EBRO
Slackless TAUT
Snack in a shell TACO
Some frozen treats POPS
Something thrown on a cruise PARTY
Squirming, say ANTSY
Supply short-term LEND
Taken off the shelf USED
Thin out RAREFY
Trunk cutters AXES
Veep before Al DAN
Wind ensemble instrument OBOE
Windmill blade VANE
Without aid BYYOURSELF
__ moment (insightful instant) AHA
__ Z (thoroughly) ATO
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