How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 02 2008

''Design on a Dime'' channel HGTV
''Excellent!'' THATSDUCKY
''Family Ties'' mom ELYSE
''Golly gee!'' GOSH
''Honky Tonk Moon'' singer TRAVIS
''Johnny B. __'' (Berry tune) GOODE
''Lion King'' villain SCAR
''That's awful!'' UGH
''Tres'' less than ''diez'' SIETE
''Why would __?'' ILIE
''__ Bulba'' (Gogol novel) TARAS
''__ Dragon'' (Disney film) PETES
'40s ''Time'' film critic AGEE
'60s muscle cars GTOS
'80s First Son RON
AA offshoot ALANON
Actor Arkin ALAN
Actress Campbell NEVE
Address in the 'hood BRO
Allow entrance to men and women GOCOED
Anacin alternative TYLENOL
Ancient city on the Tigris NINEVEH
Apple products IPODS
Author Shreve ANITA
Baseball family ALOUS
Baseball great Wilhelm HOYT
Beach vehicle DUNEBUGGY
Becoming unglued GOINGBATTY
Big-time ALOT
Bracco of ''The Sopranos'' LORRAINE
Breakfast order BACON
Buck back? AROO
Buddy PAL
Cat calls MEOWS
Caterer's supply URNS
Cattle coaxer PROD
Central American capital SANJOSE
Cheap cheroot STOGIE
Chile add-in CARNE
Choir platform RISER
Circular treat OREO
Clerk on ''The Simpsons'' APU
Collected crops REAPED
Corning brand PYREX
Erstwhile imported auto YUGO
Extend over SPAN
Faked out, on the ice DEKED
Fall birthstone OPAL
Fencing move LUNGE
Fit in NEST
Flatter, in a way APE
Flower painted by Van Gogh IRIS
Former House majority leader ARMEY
French equivalent of inc. CIE
French film award CESAR
Friday and Bilko of TV SGTS
Fuel holder COALBIN
Gallery event ARTSALE
Graduate garb GOWN
Groan inducer PUN
Groups of fish SCHOOLS
Grow dark LATEN
Honorary law degs. LLDS
Horsefeathers BALONEY
Inseam measure LENGTH
Install stitches SEW
Iowa city AMES
Its hub is da Vinci Airport ALITALIA
Jane Austen title character EMMA
Keep __ head (stay calm) ACOOL
King of the one-liners HENNYYOUNGMAN
Lady of ''la casa'' MUJER
Latin for ''I'' EGO
Leftovers packages DOGGYBAGS
Legacy sharers COHEIRS
Legally insolvent BANKRUPT
Like French doors PANED
Little shavers BOYS
Low voice BASS
LP holders SLEEVES
Maguire's ''Spider-Man'' costar DUNST
Mann of education HORACE
Match in poker SEE
Metal in Montana's motto ORO
More mature RIPER
Movie house CINE
Mr. __ (Clue victim) BODDY
Needing a rubber match TIED
Novelist Levin IRA
Old card game LOO
One way to ride PIGGYBACK
Orbison and Lichtenstein ROYS
Oversize hairdos AFROS
Part of Beethoven's 9th ODETOJOY
PC linkup LAN
Philosopher Kierkegaard SOREN
Pipe shape ELL
Place in the care of ENTRUST
Poetic adverb EER
Position of authority BULLYPULPIT
Povich et al. MAURYS
Power agcy. since '33 TVA
Practice, as a speech SAYOVER
Pro foe ANTI
Prot. denomination METH
Put to work USE
Raise suspicion SMELLFISHY
Rap artist FOXYBROWN
Resembling a fork in the road YLIKE
Risk takers DARERS
Roman raiment TOGA
Rowing team CREW
Rule breaker DEFIER
Scholarship criterion NEED
Senior lobby AARP
Show off ACTBIG
Singer DiFranco ANI
Small and pretty MIGNON
Small buzzer BEE
Sound of admonition TSK
Sponge opening PORE
String ties BOLOS
Suffix for problem ATIC
Sultanate citizen OMANI
Swiss river AAR
Today, in Taxco HOY
Units of work ERGS
Verb ending OSE
Very affectionate LOVEYDOVEY
Very small, as a town ONEHORSE
Westinghouse rival AMANA
Winery word form OENO
Work the fields PLOW
Young shark CUB
__'acte ENTR
__-Japanese War SINO
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