How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 06 2018

''I just realized . . .'' cometothinkofit
''I'll be glad to'' yes
''If it __ broke . . .'' aint
''None of the above'' choice other
''Quiet!'' shh
''What a shame!'' alas
''Who's there?'' response itsme
'70s dance hall disco
Actor Baldwin alec
Add to the payroll hire
Apprehensive feeling angst
Approximately orso
April 15 agcy irs
Authorized okayed
Aviator pilot
Baserunner's goal home
Bird sound cheep
Branch out diversify
Cadabra preceder abra
Chimp, for instance ape
City surrounding the Vatican rome
Clarinet cousin oboe
Compass pt. opposite WNW ese
Court order decree
Cozy corner nook
Discussion subject topic
Do reluctantly gothroughwith
Do-it-yourself assembly phase step
Doughnut center hole
Dove's shelter cote
Electrified fish eel
Face-to-face exams orals
Fancy party gala
Fawn's mother doe
Former Iranian monarch shah
Frightfully strange eerie
Have a pleasing aroma smellgood
ID scanned by a cashier upc
Ignited again relit
In addition also
Inhale in shock gasp
Italian salami city genoa
Laziness sloth
Lightbulb measures watts
Literary surprise twist
Long-handled farm tool hoe
Loop in a lariat noose
Low on funds short
Maker of private jets cessna
Matures ages
Measuring sticks rulers
Mommy's spouse daddy
NBC weekend comedy series snl
Ooze seep
Otherwise else
Persevere with one's project staythecourse
Pieces of firewood logs
Poet T.S. __ eliot
Prayer's last word amen
Reluctant (to) loath
Renewable energy category solar
Richards of the Rolling Stones keith
Scoundrel rogue
Sharpshooter Oakley annie
Shout of surprise oho
Since Jan. 1 ytd
Strung along ledon
Sympathetic comment icare
Tall buildings towers
Thick carpet shag
Tossed threw
Try to convince urge
Uncooked raw
Zilch nil
__ in (collapsed) caved
__ Paulo, Brazil sao
__ to the core (evil) rotten
__-mo replay slo
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