How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 07 2015

''Garfield'' dog ODIE
''__ for Evidence'' (Grafton novel) EIS
''__ well that ends well'' ALLS
'60s war zone, for short NAM
Airline employee PILOT
Attorney's expertise LAW
Be abundant TEEM
Be involved TAKEPART
Camper's shelter TENT
Can't stand LOATHE
Cash advance LOAN
Chops (off) LOPS
Clockmaker __ Thomas SETH
Clothes-pressing device IRON
CPR expert EMT
Criterion: Abbr STD
Cubicle furnishing DESK
Cut and __ (edit) PASTE
DNA locale CELL
Do a somersault FLIP
Dog treats BISCUITS
Double-curve letters ESSES
Frankenstein's assistant IGOR
Gave a darn CARED
Get __ the ground floor INON
Give autographs SIGN
Grand in scale EPIC
Human __ (person) BEING
Ignited LIT
Invigorate PEPUP
Is determined by HINGESUPON
Jacket's sleeve ARM
Kermit, for one FROG
Kitchen garment APRON
Lassoed ROPED
Leg joint KNEE
Local delivery vehicle PANELTRUCK
Long-beaked parrot MACAW
Make a surprise visit POPIN
Masked hockey position GOALIE
Minor obstacles SNAGS
More than OVER
NBC satirical show, for short SNL
Need a massage ACHE
Nightfall SUNSET
Nimble AGILE
One of Columbus' ships NINA
Opera solo ARIA
Philbin of TV REGIS
Put on clothing DRESS
Regulation RULE
Requirements NEEDS
Rulers on thrones KINGS
Run off to wed ELOPE
Run __ (go wild) AMOK
Scoundrel ROGUE
Sensible SANE
Shakespeare's river AVON
Sheep's coat FLEECE
Short snooze NAP
Stares at OGLES
Stunning surprise BOLTFROMTHEBLUE
Succotash bean LIMA
Take potshots (at) SNIPE
Talks a lot GABS
Tic-Tacs alternative CERTS
Time-consuming LONG
Tough to figure out HARD
Unlock OPEN
Unruly crowds MOBS
Untidy place MESS
Verse writer POET
Was indebted to OWED
Wear away ERODE
Where Des Moines is IOWA
Wide awake ALERT
__ boom (jet sound) SONIC
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