How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 19 2008

Aid in a crime ABET
All ready SET
Annoyance PEST
Bad weather for golf RAIN
Bailiff's workplace COURT
Be optimistic HOPE
Before, in poems ERE
Better qualified ABLER
Big brass instruments TUBAS
Bike-wheel parts SPOKES
Bit of water DROP
Cain's brother ABEL
Cap-and-gown wearer GRAD
Change the decor of REDO
Christmas carols NOELS
Clothes-pressing appliance IRON
Coal diggers MINERS
Diamond weights CARATS
Dorothy's path to the Wizard YELLOWBRICKROAD
Female voice range ALTO
Fence opening GATE
Fit for a king REGAL
From the Arctic, e.g. POLAR
Gets up STANDS
Group of noted experts BLUERIBBONPANEL
Hardly enough SCANT
Homes for bears DENS
Indonesian, for instance ASIAN
Intend MEAN
Just slightly ATAD
Keep for later SAVE
Kept talking RANON
Lost one's footing FELL
More than OVER
Mystical glow AURA
Narrow shelf LEDGE
Not at all skillful INEPT
One __ time (singly) ATA
Orange drinks ADES
Part to play ROLE
Piano-bench quartet LEGS
Pie nut PECAN
Prearrange illegally RIG
Rabbit relative HARE
Red cosmetic ROUGE
Rendered a ballad SANG
Residence ABODE
Retail event SALE
Roundish shape OVAL
Run off to wed ELOPE
Sailor's greeting AHOY
Sandwich shop DELI
Satellite-dish alternative CABLE
Sharp part of a blade EDGE
Shrimplike creatures PRAWNS
Small rugs MATS
Small valley GLEN
Something seen IMAGE
Stares at OGLES
Surpass OUTDO
Theater's entry hall LOBBY
Type of vaccine ORAL
US Senate cable channel CSPAN
Waiter's rewards TIPS
Walk wearily PLOD
Walked on TROD
Wander around ROVE
Western movie OATER
Whichever ANY
Whitish gem OPAL
Word of regret ALAS
Zilch NADA
__ Allan Poe EDGAR
__ de Janeiro RIO
__ now (so far) ASOF
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