How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Aug 25 2018

''Devil May Hare'' antagonist taz
''Don't press your luck'' leaveitatthat
''His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see'' speaker ali
''Justice League'' director snyder
''Keep away from me'' state snit
''La Bohème'' finale activ
''Night followed, __ with stars'': Shelley clad
''Oil Market Report'' publisher opec
''Origines avium'' ova
''The Louisville __'' (63 Across) lip
''¿Qué es __?'' (''What's this?'') esto
After-afterthought, for short pps
Antonym of ''bounded'' eternal
Apollo headgear laurel
Apollo, Hermes and Terpsichore lyrists
Applies or arranges puts
As good as it gets ripe
Attendee's ''master key'' allaccesspass
Bavarian cream desserts charlotterusses
Chandler/Hammett hero tec
Clinton successor kerry
Coins depicting the Bosphorus Bridge liras
Compact (or midsize) disk cam
Curls up rolls
Decides upon sets
Disposed apt
Dreamliner owner since 2017 elal
Early electric car seller olds
Employs hireson
Eye shade hazel
Film genre noir
Film preceder art
Hamper cramp
Harry or harass molest
Ingenue, juvenile, etc types
Isn't impeccable errs
It's ''inside every great machine'' stp
It's worked by a rower pec
Jalapeno popper topper ranch
Keys of telegraphs tappers
Lackluster anemic
Logo on some clogs croc
Logo on some combines stag
Multi-square entertainment comic
Musical set at the Sleep-Tite factory thepajamagame
Not easily awed jaded
Obamas' youngest, by birth natasha
Off-the-cuff snap
Outlandish crazy
Pops, e.g men
Pro __ tem
Quadrennial December VIPs presidentselect
River ending at Yuma gila
Scallops style marsala
Scratch delete
Secret identity of ''The Amazing Amazon'' diana
Settled after descending alit
Silly apish
Slavic alternative to Xander alek
Spanish name meaning ''little uncle'' tito
Springy? vernal
Stereo debuts of 1957 lps
Straight up erectly
Take the lead star
The 17,000-carat Olympic Australis, e.g opal
The earliest action figures gis
Third Best Supporting Actress Oscar winner directed by Woody mira
Throat clearing, perhaps tic
Travolta, avocationally airplanepilot
Unlikely to excite tame
Volume 1, Number 1, for one issue
__.org (site for home gardeners) azaleas
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