How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 23 2018

''Famous'' sweet-snack guy amos
''Not guilty,'' for one plea
''Santa __'' (one of Columbus' ships) maria
''So what __ is new?'' else
''This is terrible!'' ohno
A smaller amount less
Annapolis sch usna
Annoying one pest
Approaches very quietly sneaksup
Bathwater-testing digit bigtoe
Bed linens sheets
Black-and-white dog breed dalmatian
Black-and-white parts of a baby grand pianokeys
Black-and-white sweet snack oreocookie
Black-and-white zoo beast from China giantpanda
Buckle up, as a seat belt fasten
Centers of hurricanes eyes
Change the color of again redye
Chart-topping song hit
Cole __ (cabbage concoction) slaw
Completely original allnew
Cream of the crop elite
Creative thoughts ideas
Currently in the lead ahead
Didn't depart stayed
Distort, as data skew
Folklore meanie ogre
Full collections sets
Gator's kin croc
Gift-box decorations bows
Go after, as a mosquito swat
Gradually disappear fade
Hankerings yens
High-ranking British nobleman earl
In reserve onice
Insurance broker agent
Join the staff signon
Lambs' moms ewes
Large quantity slew
Lavish meal feast
Make corrections to emend
Makes corrections to edits
Mayor's domain city
Metallic rock ore
Milky gemstone opal
One from Helsinki finn
One-pot beef dishes stews
Oohed and __ aahed
Operatic solo aria
Paper marked by a voter ballot
Pekoe and oolong teas
Perfume bottle vial
Pooch-biting bug flea
Postpaid letter enclosure: Abbr sase
Racetrack shapes ovals
Run away to escape flee
Run off to wed elope
Scratch up mar
Settled a debt paid
Sheet of a book page
Show-__ (flamboyant ones) offs
Showed on television aired
Showery, as weather rainy
Six-pt. football plays tds
Snapshot photo
Sodium and oxygen elements
Sports stadium arena
Standing up straight erect
Stay home for dinner eatin
Stitched up sewn
Therefore ergo
Tiresome person bore
Trace of smoke wisp
Upper house of Congress senate
Women's links org lpga
__ Francisco, CA san
__ processor (kitchen machine) food
__ tale (story like ''Cinderella'') fairy
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