How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 17 2019

''Highest film gross,'' e.g boxofficerecord
''Now it's clear'' isee
''The Thinker'' sculptor rodin
Actress Stone sharon
Advance of funds loan
Adversities ills
Alternate name alias
Appeared to be seemed
Available for the first time new
Bert's ''Sesame Street'' pal ernie
Blows one's top rages
Bonnie's partner in crime clyde
Calendar rectangle day
Can't stand abhor
Care for very much love
Catty remark barb
Cavalry mount steed
Chem lab vessel flask
Chief Norse god odin
Components parts
Consequence effect
Corrosive compound acid
Cozy corner nook
Dads papas
Distort, as data skew
Diva's solo aria
Do undercover work spy
Easy-to-read writing blocklettering
Eye quickly peekat
Fall with a thud flop
Fruit from Turkey fig
Genesis garden eden
Govt. health org cdc
Horseshoes turn toss
Imitates apes
Ivy League school in Philly penn
Jekyll's 12 Down hyde
Kyoto's country japan
Land measures acres
Landlord's income rent
Loafers' lack laces
Made donations gave
Mascara target lash
Meaningless talk jive
Mermaid's habitat sea
Move edgewise sidle
Mushroom part stem
Musical sense ear
Neck of the woods area
Nero's language latin
Not so long ago recent
Old West pursuit group posse
One year of baseball season
Online diary blog
Orderly formation array
Part of the psyche ego
Pie __ mode ala
Plundered stole
Relaxing resorts spas
Retailer with a physical building brickandmortar
Roofing sealer tar
Scottish girl lass
Self-evident truth axiom
Sentry's command halt
Share a border with abut
Shoreline phenomenon tide
Shrewd foxy
Spicy Asian cuisine thai
Stairwell sign exit
Standing straight erect
State one's view opine
Tech support caller user
Tip of a boot toe
Trails off ebbs
Tri-level cookie oreo
Unblinking look stare
Undercover grp cia
What bios chronicle lives
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