How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 05 2006

''Inner'' word form ENDO
''Is it OK?'' CANWE
''Sad to say . . .'' ALAS
''__ go bragh'' ERIN
''__ gratia artis'' ARS
'70s war zone NAM
Actor Quinn AIDAN
Annual foursome SEASONS
Artful dodges PLOYS
Author Bellow SAUL
Bat wood ASH
Big name in pianos STEINWAY
Boot from office OUST
Chevy Chase film of '80 CADDYSHACK
Coll. major ENG
Comic Foxx REDD
Composer Jule STYNE
Condo division UNIT
Corday's victim MARAT
Disencumbers RIDS
Down source EIDER
Easy to manage TAME
Fight venue ARENA
Frat-house letter RHO
Garfield's foil ODIE
Gin partner TONIC
Glassy look STARE
Goblin starter HOB
Goes limp SOFTENS
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Hi's comics mate LOIS
Hurler's stat. ERA
Inflexibility RIGOR
Irish Rose's man ABIE
Junction point NODE
Lamb dish STEW
Links vehicle CART
Little, in Lille PETIT
Long story EPIC
Long story SAGA
Meals in cardboard containers TAKEOUT
Melt ingredient TUNA
Morning haze MIST
Most trivial LEAST
Mr. Peanut accessory MONOCLE
Neaten, as a lawn EDGE
Nest eggs, briefly IRAS
Netmen's org. USTA
Penta- doubled DECA
Plane measure AREA
Poetic palindrome ERE
Pre-owned USED
Publicist's concern IMAGE
Religious factions SECTS
Ritzy digs PENTHOUSE
Salary max CAP
Sandal part STRAP
Sandbox toy PAIL
Schnozzola SNOOT
Sense of self EGO
Sprinter's assignment LANE
Stage whisper ASIDE
Subtle glow AURA
T-man Ness ELIOT
Tailor's line SEAM
Thanksgiving prize WISHBONE
Thumbs-up ASSENT
Took an oath SWORE
Turning point WATERSHED
Twist out of shape GNARL
Uncertainties IFS
Very shortly INASEC
Without a date STAG
Work the aisles, informally USH
Work with acid ETCH
__-jongg MAH
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