How many letters in the Answer?

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'Dream on!' youwish
'Game of Thrones' actress Chaplin oona
'Glass half full' outlook brightside
'Have a Heart' singer Bonnie raitt
'Mercy me!' egads
'Republic' philosopher plato
'Riddle me, riddle me —' ree
'Way to go, hero!' isaluteyou
24-hr. cash cache atm
Acting king regent
Affirm as true avouch
Affirms as true atteststo
Alero's make olds
Announce say
Announce call
As of now sofar
Be guilty of perpetrate
Bk. after Exodus lev
Bowl over astonish
Bygone, quaintly olde
Cabal boss ringleader
Cellars basements
Certain wig toupee
City in Orange County, California lakeforest
Colombian cash peso
Consign to an inferior rank relegate
Corners on the market monopolies
Deck in a boxing ring kayo
Descend fall
Diet for a boxer dogfood
Discussion venue forum
Distinctive stretches eras
Electric resistance measure ohmage
Electrojet particles ions
Even choice tossup
Extended animal shelter initiative adoptathon
Field of a retail boss management
Fill with love enamor
Fishing bait worms
Former Sony record label arista
Free of artificial ingredients allnatural
Frozen water ice
Gazpacho, basically tomatosoup
Get a move on hustle
Good snorkeling sites coralreefs
Have a brawl tussle
Hawk's nail claw
Heads off averts
Herr von Bismarck otto
Hitter Gehrig lou
Homer Simpson voicer Dan castellaneta
Hook up (to) attach
Horrid giant ogre
Hydroxyl compound enol
Johnson of old comedy arte
Kind ilk
Korbut on a balance beam olga
Largest parts of brains cerebra
Like needles with fibers through them threaded
Lime discard peel
Loaf end heel
Long-life-cycle plants perennials
Lorna of literature doone
Major U.S. field yield corncrop
Makes a selection opts
Many Bosnians serbs
Memo start asto
Method of valuing inventories firstinfirstout
Milk-derived lactic
Model 3 car tesla
Most tranquil stillest
Musical 'Auntie' mame
Narrow sea routes straits
North Pole wife mrsclaus
Of a pelvis bone iliac
Olympian Jackie Joyner- — kersee
One of the Ewings on 'Dallas' pamela
One on in-line skates blader
One-named Art Deco artist erte
Opiate, e.g narcotic
Oration station dais
People giving accounts relaters
Perfume ingredient essentialoil
Ponchos' kin raincoats
Put to work hire
Rabid fan nut
Regular guy averagejoe
Resembling a hornet, say waspy
Ring around the collar? lariat
Ring around the collar? lei
Rio — (mining company) tinto
Roast rod spit
Secret agent spy
Sector area
Sedimentary rocks shales
See 44-Down taped
Send cyberjunk to spam
She admired the Man of Steel loislane
She's part of the fam sis
Socratic 'T' tau
Soft, knit fabrics tricots
Sol followers lati
Some rupee spenders nepalis
Soothing additives aloes
Suffix with meth- ane
Summer top tee
Swift feline cheetah
Three-time Grand Prix champion Ayrton senna
Thrust out eject
Title girl in a J.D. Salinger story esme
Tony-winning Carter nell
Took illegally stole
Total up again readd
Uses a wok stirfries
Verbal oral
Waiters' loads trays
Warnings about shady deals scamalerts
Well-practiced pieces repertoire
Whale pod gam
Where lions lie den
William Saroyan's 'My Name Is —' aram
With 46-Down, held together with a plumbing adhesive duct
Within a single school intramural
World Cup sport soccer
XXX, maybe tens
— -mell (confused) pell
— Center (Brooklyn arena) barclays
— Fernando Valley san
— Lingus (carrier to Dublin) aer
— liver (dish rich in iron) calfs
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