How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jan 27 2019

$$$ source atm
'... boy — girl?' ora
'60s protest sitin
'Ad — per aspera' astra
'Green' prefix eco
'Last Stand' general custer
'No kidding!' iknow
'— all been there' weve
74-Down in egg whites albumin
Accuse of misconduct in office impeach
Actor Sloane everett
Aloe — vera
Amass collect
Andrew Lloyd — webber
Ave. crossers rds
Ayres of 'Holiday' lew
Baby beds cribs
Bagel variety rye
Base for some dressings saladoil
Baseball's Vizquel omar
Beginning onset
Bert who played a lion lahr
Besides that else
Besides that too
Betray by selling out raton
Brothers, e.g sibs
Butter slice pat
C.S. Lewis' land narnia
Campers, for short rvs
Carpet nails tacks
CEO or prez vip
Choppers teeth
Cold treats ices
Coll. entry exam sat
Command to list a team's players? rosteringorder
Cosmic bursts novas
Cpl., for one nco
Crackly crisp
Diary author Anaïs nin
DOJ division fbi
Donating gifting
Drink a bit of sip
Drop in again revisit
Earthy shade ocher
Eat away (at) gnaw
Entre — nous
Feel malaise ail
Flowerlike sea polyp anemone
Fork out pay
Freightage cargo
French circle dance gavotte
Fuel additive brand stp
Generally asarule
GM security system onstar
Go in circles rotate
Go wrong err
Greek philosopher who never overtook other travelers? nopassingzeno
Group of shorthand pros throwing dice? therollingstenos
HBO host Bill maher
Hedge shrub yew
Implied wordlessly tacit
In want needy
Inactive idle
Inaptitude for music tinear
Jazz instrument that tightens your face when you play it? tonersaxophone
Jennifer of 'Friends' aniston
Kiln, for one oven
Lairs dens
Lao- — tse
Like blood red
Lip rim
Liveliness vigor
Locating a city in Alaska? findingnome
Long skirt maxi
Loose coat cloak
Missteps slips
Mommy or Daddy's sis auntie
Monet works art
More wacky nuttier
Much of the Western Hemisphere, with 'the' americas
Musician Tennant neil
Novelist Hermann hesse
Paper printer press
Part of ESL second
Part of LED diode
Particular issue edition
Particular style of rounded roof? domeversion
Party invitee guest
Perform act
Pick by ballot elect
Poetic 'always' eer
Preceder of tee ess
Preceders of xis nus
Prefix with acoustics electro
Product of amino acids protein
Promise vow
Pull back (in) rein
Rail support tie
Rankle irk
Rapper — Azalea iggy
Redgrave of 'Atonement' vanessa
Rejection a president issues with no doubt whatsoever? vetoofconfidence
Remember recall
Requiring no cables wireless
Resistance unit ohm
Rumple (up) muss
Russian news agency tass
Schnozzola nose
Scot's denial nae
Sea marker buoy
Sheepskin boot brand ugg
Sheetlike gray cloud stratus
Shrine figure idol
Slugger? fist
Small knapsack musette
Small, silver fish minnow
Smarts sense
Sticky — (tough spot) wicket
Study every method of seizing defaulters' property? learntherepos
Suffix with benz- ene
Take a hammer to one's Mexican coin? strikeapeso
Tall, tapering pillars obelisks
Teeny-tiny itsy
Tiny sand bit granule
To and — fro
Tropical kin of a raccoon coati
Trudeau of Canada pierre
Umpire's cry out
Vacuous inane
Vidal of hair care sassoon
Warming in hostilities detente
Watergate senator Sam ervin
Wife's title mrs
Winter worry flu
Word before Kat or Glue krazy
X minus two viii
Year, in 46-Down ano
— -Cola coca
— -wee Herman pee
— avis rara
— de Janeiro rio
— Island (immigrants' gateway, once) ellis
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