How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jan 18 2009

'-- -di-dah!' LAH
'-- a Thousand Tongues to Sing' (hymn) OFOR
'Blasted!' RATS
'Cogito, ergo --' SUM
'I'll pass' NAH
'Peace Train' singer Stevens CAT
'That's what -- afraid of' IWAS
'The Raven' poet's family POES
-- la la TRA
AC meas. BTU
Actor Epps OMAR
Asia Minor region ANATOLIA
Athlete's rep AGENT
Barely sustained, with 'out' EKED
Beautiful race in 'The Time Machine' ELOI
Big -- (rapper) BOI
Big boxes BINS
Big burden ONUS
Big gun gp. NRA
Blake or Plummer AMANDA
Booking for a rock band GIG
Bother continually EATAT
Bottle inhabitant GENIE
Brand of hair remover NAIR
Bronchial disorder ASTHMA
Bullet diameters CALIBERS
Calamitous DIRE
Capital of Norway OSLO
Catch a bug AIL
Chin hair BEARD
China's Lao- -- TSE
Cider flavor APPLE
Circling the sun, say INORBIT
City in east-central 75-Across RAIPUR
Classic Prokofiev piece, to a dog? PETERANDTHEWOOF
Confident composure APLOMB
Crude org.? OPEC
Cuban, e.g. LATINO
Dance part? CHA
Dancer Duncan ISADORA
Dapper -- DAN
Delhi locale INDIA
Divas' problems EGOS
Ending for boy or girl ISH
Entreats PLEADS
Exposed BARE
Farm female EWE
Fifth month MAY
Fit well together MESH
Fluid in some pens, to a pig? BALLPOINTOINK
Founder of the Shakers in the U.S. ANNLEE
Fuel rating OCTANE
Get mature AGE
Get very wet SOAK
Go out -- bang WITHA
Goes bad ROTS
Gradually appealed to GREWON
Haloed Fr. woman STE
Hard worker TOILER
Hole tool AWL
Icicle starter DRIP
In time past AGO
Initiate something, to a cow? MAKETHEFIRSTMOO
Insect in a colony ANT
Interstate abbr. RTE
Is salaried GETSPAID
Jai -- ALAI
Large artery AORTA
Leave undisturbed LETBE
Like -- not ITOR
Like highways and Olympic pools LANED
Like things you can spin TURNABLE
Lingerie top BRA
Liver or lung ORGAN
Low-cal LITE
Macadamize PAVE
Made a standard higher, to a sheep? RAISEDTHEBAA
Maryland city BETHESDA
Massey of old movies ILONA
Measurer of brainpower IQTEST
Memory loss AMNESIA
Most-wanted guests ALIST
Name of six popes ADRIAN
NBA Hall-of-Famer -- Thomas ISIAH
No-risk SAFE
North Carolina's Fort -- BRAGG
Not honest INSINCERE
Notion, in Normandy IDEE
Old Spanish currency PESETA
Ovid's 502 DII
Parisian water EAU
Pigsty, e.g. PEN
Policeman, informally FLIC
Postseason football competitions BOWLGAMES
Prado works ART
Puzzling problem, to a duck? HARDNUTTOQUACK
Radon, e.g. GAS
Repulsed by AVERSETO
Rest a while TAKETEN
Rocker Ted NUGENT
Rude guys CADS
Sang an aria SOLOED
Sartre's sea MER
Sci-fi primates APEMEN
Scolding CHIDING
Series-ending abbr. ETC
Sewing edge HEM
Shopkeeper on 'The Simpsons' APU
Shoplift from ROB
Sight, e.g. SENSE
Smoothing power tool PLANER
Snoozing ASLEEP
Spill the -- BEANS
Split-off religions SECTS
Stew-serving dish TUREEN
Street fight RIOT
Substance MATTER
Suffix with Gotham ITE
Suffix with lion or host ESS
Summer Games org. IOC
Summer, in French ETE
Supermodel Macpherson ELLE
Te- -- (titter sound) HEE
Tennis shot LOB
That gal HER
Tip jar bill ONE
Totalities SUMS
Tough trip TREK
Try out (for) AUDITION
Tyro's good fortune, to a chicken? BEGINNERSCLUCK
Unforeseen obstacle SNAG
University study group SEMINAR
Verdi villain IAGO
Very bad grades EFS
Violinist Hilary HAHN
Way to propose marriage, to a horse? ONBENDEDNEIGH
West of old Hollywood MAE
Whac- -- (reflex-testing carnival game) AMOLE
What Tse-tung is called, to a cat? CHAIRMANMEOW
Winning row in tic-tac-toe OOO
Winos SOTS
Wish earnestly, to a donkey? HOPEANDBRAY
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