How many letters in the Answer?

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'99 Red Balloons' band nena
'Casino —' (Bond film) royale
'Darn it!' crud
'Fanny' author Jong erica
'I solved it!' aha
'Lady for a Day' director Frank capra
'Mr. Mom' plot premise (and what the answers to the starred clues have) rolereversal
'Never on Sunday' rule bluelaw
'Nonsense!' baloney
'When — your age ...' iwas
* An off-Broadway theater is named for her lucillelortel
* Crank-turned instrument barrelorgan
* Historical French area alsacelorraine
* Mafia boss crimelord
* Musical group playing industrial drums steelorchestra
* Popular citrus fruit navelorange
* President of Nicaragua danielortega
* Rock yielding element #28 nickelore
1/36 yard inch
1966-2013 bookstore chain bdalton
2017 biopic about an Olympic figure skater itonya
24-hr. 'bankers' atms
A fifth of fifty ten
Actress Edie falco
Added yeast to, as bread leavened
African land angola
Angry crowd mob
Apple tablet download ipadapp
Ball or bass ender oon
Big name celeb
Blueprints plans
Bond film actress d'Abo maryam
Boxer Oscar — Hoya dela
Build erect
Business of Delta airtravel
Cal. neighbor nev
Can't say no haveto
Challenging hard
Chemistry lab tube burette
China's Lao- — tse
Claim the truth of postulate
Classic Ford models ltds
Coll. seniors' tests gres
Collects, as a harvest ingathers
Colorado NHLers, to fans avs
Couturier Cassini oleg
CPR giver emt
Crimson and cherry reds
Cup edge rim
Day, in Spain dia
Deep groove rut
Diana of 'Dance Hall' dors
Dine away from home eatout
Disinclined averse
Egg cell ovum
Eminent noted
Ending for lime ade
Female bud galpal
Ferret's kin weasel
First digits dialed, often areacode
Fizzy drink cola
Fodder tower silo
Fraction: Abbr div
Fully enjoy savor
Funny feline photo meme lolcat
Gandhi of India indira
Genesis twin esau
Gordie of hockey howe
Greek vowel iota
Handed out dealt
Having two systems bimodal
Head of corn ear
Head, to Fifi tete
Hip about onto
Hosp. area icu
Ice-T's music rap
Island east of Java bali
It flows in la Seine eau
Jai — alai
Key next to a period comma
Kin of 'equi-' iso
Lee who advised Reagan and Bush atwater
Lennox and Potts annies
Lifesaving locs ers
Like not-yet-sampled food untasted
Linden of TV hal
Makeup brand almay
Many heirs sons
Meadowland lea
Mil. officer sgt
Newsman Koppel ted
Nile vipers asps
Not digital analog
Nuclear reactor part fuelrod
Oklahoma tribe oto
Old space station mir
Ominous last words orelse
One of the 'Little Women' beth
Opposite of east, in Madrid oeste
Part of IHOP: Abbr intl
Part of MSG mono
Part of UTEP paso
Pasta dish ravioli
Per-night cost to stay at a 105-Down roomrate
Person who is prospering thriver
Place for a welcome mat doorstep
Plane fliers aviators
Polish river oder
Prefix with soul neo
Prioritizes, as patients triages
Put aside for future use layaway
Really foolish asinine
Related to food intake dietary
Rent- — (security guard) acop
Rhea's kin emu
Rice-A- — roni
Riddle-me- — ree
River duck teal
Roadside lodging motel
Roughly orso
San Fran NFLer niner
San —, Buenos Aires isidro
See 48-Across bede
Sprang leapt
Squirmy fish eels
Std. for a nutritionist rda
Stovetop whistler teakettle
Suffix with Siam ese
Throat part tonsil
Tow drag
Tribal groups clans
TV antennas aerials
Two-function dualuse
Uttered said
Verdi's title slave aida
Vicious vortex tornado
Viewpoint aspect
Way of being torn, thrilled or loved tobits
With 18-Down, 1859 George Eliot novel adam
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