How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Aug 22 2010

'-- darned!' ILLBE
'-- Loompa' OOMPA
'Amscray!' GIT
'Dang it!' DRAT
'Gil Blas' novelist LESAGE
'God willing!' IHOPESO
'Li'l' title guy ABNER
'Lord, is --?' ITI
'O Sole --' MIO
'Othello' role IAGO
'SNL' airer NBC
'Taste this' TRYIT
'Tea for --' TWO
-- -jongg MAH
-- Jeanne d'Arc STE
-- new world record SETA
11,000-ft.-high volcano MTETNA
1975 John Wayne film [2005] ROOSTERCOGBURN
1991 Tony winner Daisy EAGAN
A half-dozen SIX
Aaron's son ELEAZAR
Actress Donovan ELISA
Actress Stevens of 'Madigan' INGER
Aleutian chain [2008] RATISLANDS
Altar promise IDO
Antifungal medication LAMISIL
Ar-tee link ESS
Armageddon nation MAGOG
At hand NEAR
Bar in court ESTOP
Bath for cleaning fleeces before shearing [2003] SHEEPDIP
Battle-ready ARMED
Best Picture of 1970 PATTON
Big name in light planes CESSNA
Bird feeding on parasitic ticks [2009] OXPECKER
Bodily digit TOE
Body pouch SAC
Boot part HEEL
Brewery tub VAT
Brit. record giant EMI
Bushed TIRED
Cause to bog down in mud BEMIRE
Chemistry prize of note NOBEL
City near Le Havre CAEN
Cry in church AMEN
Dadaist Max ERNST
DeLuise of movies DOM
Derby town EPSOM
Do-or- -- DIE
Etching tools STYLI
European coal region SILESIA
Expatriate EXILE
Feel crummy AIL
Fire residue ASH
First-class TOPTIER
Flooded AWASH
Freshwater minnow REDFIN
Fumble ERR
Garr of 'Out Cold' TERI
Gob's paddle OAR
Golf great [2010] TIGERWOODS
Hair bases SCALPS
Hawaiian crooner DONHO
Highbrow ARTY
Hook's mate SMEE
Hoopla HYPE
Hooter OWL
Idiotic [1999] HAREBRAINED
Iditarod Trail transports SLEDS
Indication of imminent evil THREAT
It is, in Spain ESTA
Jason's jiltee MEDEA
Journeys TREKS
Jude or Titus EPISTLE
Kidneys, e.g. ORGANS
Kilo- x 1,000 MEGA
Kin of -ism OLOGY
Kind of hairbrush [2007] BOARBRISTLE
Knightly address SIR
Kwik-E-Mart proprietor APU
Leaflet appendages STIPELS
Leg part KNEE
Lemmon/Wilder comedy AVANTI
Liquid part of blood PLASMA
Livy's 601 DCI
Loc. of Reno NEV
Loft group CHOIR
Lose tension SAG
Mar.-Nov. clock setting DST
Mark of a written error ERASURE
Millennium div. CEN
Mosquito eater [2000] DRAGONFLY
Mrs. -- (Folgers pitchwoman) OLSON
New filming REMAKE
Nintendo game system WII
Not a soul NOONE
Of the mythical hell HADEAN
Packed like sardines? INOIL
Person for whom something is named EPONYM
Photo -- (PR events) OPS
Pigtail, e.g. BRAID
Plaza Hotel girl of fiction ELOISE
Plunges DIVES
Position RANK
Previous to ERE
Prized violin STRAD
Range, e.g. STOVE
Remains unresolved PENDS
Reputed rattler bite remedy [2001] SNAKEROOT
Rescued damsel's cry MYHERO
Retort to 'Am so!' ARENOT
Ring leader? REF
Rival of UPS or FedEx DHL
Sap supplier MAPLE
Savvy [2002] HORSESENSE
Seed coat TESTA
Set one's sights on AIMAT
Se–ora Per—n EVITA
Shih -- TZU
Shoe store measure WIDTH
Silly behavior [2004] MONKEYBUSINESS
Sing like -- ABIRD
Sobieski of the screen LEELEE
Soho trolley TRAM
Sporty scarf ASCOT
Sticker DECAL
Suffix with phenyl ENE
Tops an 'i' DOTS
Toyota rival NISSAN
Transcend GOPAST
TV's Trebek ALEX
Uncorks OPENS
Valerie Harper role RHODA
Warplane combatant [2006] DOGFIGHTER
Weight lifters CRANES
Whetting device HONER
Wine vessel CASK
Words on a package's mailing label SHIPTO
Writer Beattie ANN
Writer Tan AMY
WWW bookmark URL
Young louse NIT
Zealous EAGER
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