How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Sep 25 2013

"Dear" one? ABBY
"The Andy Griffith Show" tyke OPIE
"Well, that's weird" VERYODD
1999, 2000 and 2001 Best Actor nominee (he won once) RUSSELLCROWE
50+ group AARP
African country that was a French colony ALGERIA
Animation pioneer WALTDISNEY
Battery post ANODE
Beats by a whisker EDGESOUT
Benelux locale: Abbr EUR
Billboard fillers ADS
Boxer's weapon FIST
Bridge player's blunder RENEGE
Cheers for a torero OLES
Columnist Bombeck ERMA
Company's main activity, and a hint to a different three-letter abbreviation hidden in 19-, 27- and 37-Across COREBUSINESS
Country singer McCoy NEAL
Coyote's coat FUR
Cry of pain YIPE
Eat too much of, briefly ODON
En pointe ONTOE
FICA benefit SSI
Football supporters TEES
For instance SAY
Frankly declare AVOW
Frat letter RHO
Garden pest ANT
Got tiresome GREWOLD
Head-scratcher ENIGMA
Hershiser of ESPN OREL
Hesitant sounds ERS
High-tech release of 2010 IPAD
Horrible BAD
Island ring LEI
Jacuzzi effect EDDY
Japanese fish dish SUSHI
La-la lead-in TRA
Lacking a musical key ATONAL
Like a blue moon RARE
Like much metered parking NOSEIN
Line on a map STREET
Longtime ISP AOL
Low points on graphs MINIMA
Modern film effects, briefly CGI
More reserved SHYER
Not in the know UNSAVVY
Oil bloc OPEC
Old West defense FORT
Olin of "The Reader" LENA
Overcast, in London GREY
Parade instrument HORN
Patriots' org NFL
Peasant dress FROCK
Pizza Quick sauce brand RAGU
Place to store cords WOODSHED
Places to plug in mice USBPORTS
Poems of praise ODES
Rob Reiner's dad CARL
Ruddy, as a complexion RUBICUND
Score after deuce ADIN
See 11-Down WAY
Serving success ACE
SFO overseer FAA
Slalom curve ESS
Souse's woe DTS
Too scrupulous for ABOVE
Understanding KEN
Voice-activated app for 6-Down SIRI
Warren Harding's successor CALVINCOOLIDGE
With 12-Down, sign with an arrow ONE
Words accompanying a shrug IDUNNO
Work on a garden row HOE
__ qua non SINE
__ the Great: boy detective NATE
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