How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Oct 10 2005

"And I Love __": Beatles HER
"Later!" SEEYA
"Of course" YES
"The Flintstones" pet DINO
A Marx brother CHICO
Alabama march site SELMA
Alaskan seaport NOME
Antiquity, formerly ELD
Astronaut's drink TANG
Astronaut's gp. NASA
Author Austen JANE
Authors Ferber and O'Brien EDNAS
Bard's nightfall EEN
Big-screen format IMAX
Branch offshoot TWIG
Brief sec JIFF
Caplet PILL
Compete VIE
Coolers in windows, briefly ACS
Curriculum parts UNITS
Dedicates, as time DEVOTES
Earth Day subj. ECOL
Fibber LIAR
First-rate AONE
For the stock issue price ATPAR
Get __ on: hurry AMOVE
Ham it up EMOTE
Haunting image SPECTER
How much music is recorded ONCD
Inventor Whitney ELI
Just manage, with "out" EKE
Ladies' man CASANOVA
Lo-cal LITE
Names hidden in Hirschfeld drawings NINAS
Navel variety OUTIE
Norm: Abbr. STD
Office computer DESKTOP
Old-line types DIEHARDS
Old-time actress Velez LUPE
Omicrons' preceders XIS
Paris divider SEINE
Parisian girlfriend AMIE
Peace signs VEES
Physiologist Ivan who worked with dogs PAVLOV
Poker declaration IMIN
Prefix with centric EXO
Presidents' Day mo. FEB
Punch deliverer FIST
Questioned ASKED
Ran, as colors BLED
Reality show: Lifestyle changes EXTREMEMAKEOVER
Reality show: Nerve-racking stunts FEARFACTOR
Reality show: Woman chooses among ordinary suitors AVERAGEJOE
Reality show: Woman chooses among suitors THEBACHELORETTE
Recipe direction STIR
Regatta, e.g. RACE
Round numbers? ZEROES
Sales agent REP
SeaWorld performer SHAMU
See 5-Across DATE
See 71-Across RULES
Shark film JAWS
Shouldered stereo BOOMBOX
Some major tournaments OPENS
Swatch competitor TIMEX
Tabloid couple ITEM
Taking care of business ONIT
This, to Jorge ESTO
Toaster waffle EGGO
Univ. recruiter ROTC
Unsaid TACIT
With 10-Across, reality show: Social setups BLIND
With 72-Across, reality show: Cross-country competition ROAD
Zenith ACME
__ first-name basis ONA
__ out: relax VEG
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