How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Oct 09 2013

"12 Angry Men" actor COBB
"Good Lovin'" group, with "the" RASCALS
"That's quite clear" SOISEE
"Wheel of Fortune" buy ANE
"Where __ sign?" DOI
"__ Is Born" ASTAR
10% donation TITHE
1949 Olivia de Havilland film THEHEIRESS
1998 British Open champ Mark OMEARA
Actor Jared LETO
Andorra's cont EUR
AOL, e.g ISP
Arab tribal leaders SHEIKHS
Autodialed electioneering tactic ROBOCALL
Bead in a necklace CULTUREDPEARL
Blackguard CAD
Caught on to GOT
Cayuga Lake city ITHACA
Coke and Pepsi SODAS
Cold drink brand ICEE
Corduroy ridges RIBS
Course for Crusoe?: Abbr ANAG
Credit card bill nos APRS
Dastardly chuckle HEHHEH
Declares untrue DENIES
Delightful time GAS
Dermatologist's concerns RASHES
Double-helix molecule DNA
Dramatic opening? MELO
English guy CHAP
Floral chain LEI
Galley order STET
Gen. Robert __ ELEE
Gorilla observer Fossey DIAN
Greek cafe TAVERNA
Hand-held clicker CASTANET
Home of the Clinton Presidential Library LITTLEROCK
Kathryn of HBO's "Oz" ERBE
Lab assistant of film IGOR
Longtime Philbin co-host RIPA
Lucy's landlady ETHEL
Map speck: Abbr ISL
Mineral resource ORE
Mountain ridge ARETE
Msg. to the whole squad APB
Nitpick, and what this puzzle's circled letters represent SPLITHAIRS
Outmoded PASSE
Perjurer LIAR
Ph.D. hurdles THESES
Pope of 903 LEOV
Right, as a wrong REDRESS
Rowboat propeller OAR
Sam's Choice, e.g STOREBRAND
Shape-fitting game TETRIS
Singer Shore DINAH
Small pop group DUO
Small sword RAPIER
Sodium hydroxide, on a chem test NAOH
Some gallery statuary BUSTS
Sound that fits this puzzle's theme SNIP
Stop by unannounced DROPIN
Stupefies with drink BESOTS
Summer hrs DST
The president, vis-Г -vis one Thanksgiving turkey PARDONER
Took in or let out ALTERED
Train unit CAR
Van Cleef & __: French jeweler/perfumer ARPELS
Warnings ALERTS
What NHL shootouts resolve TIES
When, in Act III, Romeo cries, "O, I am fortune's fool!" SCENEI
White House tween SASHA
__ code AREA
__ metabolic rate BASAL
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