How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Oct 01 2017

"Dig in!" LETSEAT
"Frozen" princess ELSA
"Lux" composer Brian ENO
"Moneyball" baseball exec Billy BEANE
"Picnic" playwright INGE
"That film is awful" IHATEIT
"The Four Seasons" composer VIVALDI
'60s-'80s Brit. sports car MGB
1954 Ford debut TBIRD
1999 Moviefone acquirer AOL
8/21/2017 celestial event ECLIPSE
Action-filled SLAMBANG
Apple mobile platform IOS
Apt to mouth off PERT
Attention-getting type: Abbr ITAL
Baseless accusation, to an alleged perp BUMRAP
Be flush with ABUT
Berkshire boarding school ETON
BOLO equivalent APB
Break down SOB
Bridge installer's deg DDS
Castaway's home ISLE
Celeb's freebie VIPPASS
Co-host Shapiro of "All Things Considered" ARI
Cold weather word TEENS
Column on the right ONES
Common film festival entry INDIE
Concepts IDEAS
Connection method: Abbr ISP
Container with slats CRATE
Counsel offered by Carlo Rossi? VINEGUIDANCE
Critical care ctrs ERS
Crooner Vic DAMONE
Cross inscription INRI
Crowd control weapons RIOTGUNS
Disco phrase AGOGO
DJ's stack CDS
Dream about childbirth? VISIONOFLABOR
Earl with a three-finger banjo-picking style named for him SCRUGGS
Exec's reminder MEMO
Expressive online image EMOJI
Financial smartphone download ATMAPP
Fluency EASE
Foment, with "up" STIR
Frozen fruit-flavored snack OTTERPOP
Get by succession INHERIT
Give a keynote, say ORATE
Golfer's starting point TEEBOX
Google successes HITS
Grammy-winning singer Krall DIANA
Group with lineups TEAM
Gunk GOO
Headquarters BASE
Houdini's family name WEISS
If all goes right ATBEST
Ill-tempered SORE
In-flight fig ALT
Intervals of inactivity RESTS
It might follow a bullet ITEM
Justice Gorsuch who replaced Antonin NEIL
Legendary Spanish hero ELCID
Like yoga devotees LIMBER
Map in a map INSET
Mar. parade honoree STPAT
Mastering a basic golf lesson? STANCELEARNING
Medical containers VIALS
Menlo Park middle name ALVA
Mettlesome mounts ARABS
Miscalculates ERRS
More profound DEEPER
Morning read PAPER
Naval strength SEAPOWER
Nibble GNAW
Normal beginning? PARA
Not leave to chance ENSURE
Orbital high point APOGEE
Pal of Harry RON
Paquin of "True Blood" ANNA
Period that may be named for a president ERA
Pic for a doc MRI
Pioneering TVs RCAS
Popular __ VOTE
Princess from Alderaan LEIA
Put the squeeze on PRESSURE
Quartet named for its members ABBA
Quattro competitor ATRA
Queen's subjects ANTS
Railing feature BALUSTER
Recommend ADVISE
Reminded guests that certain casual attire is required? STRESSEDJEANS
Renaissance instrument LUTE
Rick calls her "kid" ILSA
Ristorante suffix INI
Rolls with rice SUSHI
Run through a reader SWIPE
Russian bread RUBLE
Salon dye HENNA
Salon, for one EMAG
Scepter top, perhaps ORB
Series of rings PEAL
Shake awake ROUST
Shot spot ARM
Skin lotion brand NIVEA
Smartphone display TIME
Soda purchases LITERS
Software update strategies? VERSIONTACTICS
Spark producer FLINT
Spy-fi figs AGTS
St. Louis landmark ARCH
Stand in a loft EASEL
State secrets? RAT
Struck (out) EXED
Summon silently MOTIONTO
Supervised OVERSAW
Take in the wrong way? OGLE
Take up or let out ALTER
Taking in a sunrise, say UPEARLY
They're often grad students TAS
They're usually seen with sandals TOES
Throws into the mix ADDS
Title absentee GODOT
Took a little off PARED
Turntable letters RPM
TV spot seller ADREP
U.S. dept. with a windmill on its seal ENER
Ultra-secret org NSA
Uncompromising boss? STRICTLEADER
Unimproved property EMPTYLOT
Urban view obscurer SMOG
Vagabond TRAMP
Vague feeling VIBE
Views about poetry? VERSEOPINIONS
Violinist's need ROSIN
Went bad ROTTED
Western natives UTES
What alibis may be LIES
When Le Havre heats up ETE
Wine city near Turin ASTI
Withdrew, with "out" OPTED
Wraps (up) SEWS
Writer PEN
Yoga pose ASANA
Zinger BARB
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