How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Nov 16 2008

"Ain't __": Guns N' Roses song ITFUN
"Balderdash!" PSHAW
"Bye-bye!" TATA
"Camelot" composer LOEWE
"Cold Case Files" technique DNATEST
"Encore!" AGAIN
"Hamlet" castle ELSINORE
"It's no __ know" ONEI
"Norma" composer BELLINI
"Passages" author Sheehy GAIL
"Peer Gynt Suite" dancer ANITRA
"The Saint" TV production org. ITC
"Trilby" hypnotist SVENGALI
"__ only money" ITS
*Coach support WAGONWHEEL
*Electrical conveyor POWERLINE
*Guard's post FRONTGATE
*NYC's Belt __ PARKWAY
*Seedy hotel room RATHOLE
*Snack named for its New York place of origin BUFFALOWINGS
*The Kirov, for one BALLETCOMPANY
*The mouth of one is seen on some Nestea labels GLASSPITCHER
*They usually peak in October FALLCOLORS
1946 Larry Parks role JOLSON
95-Down, for one OFFICIAL
A 37-Down wouldn't even get it ONESTAR
A.L. East team BOS
A.L. East team TOR
Actress Dench JUDI
Apathetic UNAWED
Area crossing the nave TRANSEPT
Army members SOLDIERS
Author LeShan EDA
Biblical temptress DELILAH
Big name in shoes ECCO
Bit of truth GRAIN
Blender setting PUREE
Borodin prince IGOR
Breaking partner ENTERING
Brittle CRISP
Charlotte __ RUSSE
Chihuahua, por ejemplo ESTADO
City near Nîmes ARLES
Close enough INRANGE
Confederate general Stuart JEB
Continue to treat, as a sprain REICE
Convert to leather TAN
Court decision maker REF
Cow-horned goddess ISIS
Cultivates TILLS
Curious George creator REY
Dental restoration ONLAY
Disney's lucky rabbit OSWALD
Doctor's advice REST
Dry, as a spill BLOT
Early Peruvians INCAS
Endures GOESON
Energizes, with "up" JUICES
Engine housings NACELLES
Evil spirit BOGY
Evils ILLS
Extra: Abbr. ADDL
Fails to DOESNT
FDR creation WPA
Final notice? OBIT
Fire sign SMOKE
Fireworks viewer OOHER
Food critic Ruth REICHL
Football Hall of Famer Marchetti GINO
Former RR watchdog ICC
Fusses ADOS
Galba's successor OTHO
Get a fix on LOCATE
Golden, in Mexico DEORO
Good humor man? WIT
Gossip DIRT
Hardy and others OLLIES
Home of the Yaqui SONORA
Illegal lending practices USURIES
Immigrant's subj. ESL
In high spirits GAY
Infatuated GAGA
Intolerant type BIGOT
It may follow a casing HEIST
J.D.-to-be's hurdle LSAT
Jazz fan COOLCAT
Joe in Bordeaux? CAFE
Landers and Miller ANNS
Laser target, perhaps AGESPOT
Leaves out OMITS
Levi's competitor LEE
Lhasa __ APSOS
Loft bundle BALE
Long-billed birds IBISES
Maison entrance PORTE
Math degree NTH
More than fear DREAD
Nearly dropping off DROWSY
Nostalgic piece OLDIE
Old-time bandleader Fields SHEP
One bounce, on the diamond AHOP
Pay holder: Abbr. ENV
PC key ESC
Perfect HONE
Perfume vial output MIST
Pesky flier GNAT
Phil or Giant NLER
Place to see gowns and tuxes GALA
Poor imitator EPIGON
Raise REAR
Rapper Young's stage name DRDRE
Regret RUE
Resort in Colorado's Pitkin County ASPEN
Restraint LEASH
River-sea link ESTUARY
Saint Stephen and Joan of Arc MARTYRS
Sea eagle ERN
Senses FEELS
Service rewards TIPS
Shore thing DUNE
Short pants GASPS
Some Founding Fathers, religiously DEISTS
Source of the Law SINAI
Speaks one's mind OPINES
Sponsored tot GODCHILD
The New Yorker cartoonist ARNO
Ticker tapes, for short? EKGS
Tribute title words ODETO
Turkish general AGHA
Twice tetra- OCTA
Wharton's Frome ETHAN
When, in Act III, Mercutio says "A plague o' both your houses!" SCENEI
Where Xanthippe shopped AGORA
Wolf pack member UBOAT
Word that can precede either part of the answers to starred clues WATER
Worry STEW
__ committee ADHOC
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