How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily May 25 2014

"Forget it" NOPE
"Friends" friend MONICA
"Great Scott!" EGADS
"Hasta la vista" ADIOS
"Holy smokes!" WOW
"I took the one __ traveled by": Frost LESS
"I'm Not There" actor GERE
"No details, pls!" TMI
"Off the Court" author ASHE
"Oh dear" AHME
"Once Upon a Time in China" star JETLI
"SNL" alumna Cheri OTERI
"That is ..." IMEAN
"The Few. The Proud" group MARINES
"The King and I" kingdom SIAM
"When it rains, it pours" brand MORTONSALT
''Enough already!'' OHSTOP
1938 "The War of the Worlds" narrator ORSONWELLES
1954 Kurosawa classic SEVENSAMURAI
1966 Sporting News College Coach of the Year Parseghian ARA
1987 kid's best-seller WHERESWALDO
39, for Derek Jeter AGE
95-Down's org NHL
Apples on a desk IMACS
Aquatic birds TERNS
Athenian cross TAU
Atlanta-to-Charleston dir NNE
Baby carrier? WOMB
Back in the day AGO
Bar pickups TABS
Base figures UMPS
Baseball closer's nightmare BLOWNSAVE
Battleground ARENA
Bird feeder cakes SUETS
Blood: Pref HEMA
Blows off steam VENTS
Cabbage? LUCRE
Camp David Accords signer SADAT
Carne __: Mexican beef dish ASADA
Cecilia, to musicians PATRONSAINT
Celtic tongue ERSE
Changes course TURNS
Chick chaser? ADEE
Choice word EITHER
Classic sci-fi gesture VULCANSALUTE
Cold draft BEER
Cold War initials USSR
Current carrier WIRE
Dashboard array GAUGES
Dashing style ELAN
Dundee topper TAM
Égoïste maker CHANEL
Emmy-winning sportscaster Buck JOE
Envy, e.g SIN
Event with mocking ROAST
Eye protector LID
Feed a friend's feline, say PETSIT
French twist need TRESS
Game with many imitators SIMONSAYS
Get more Money RENEW
Gets behind LAGS
Golden Fleece source RAM
Good to go SET
Grant factor NEED
Gym event DANCE
Hi-__ monitor RES
High wind OBOE
Improves HONES
Intel collector hidden in nine puzzle answers NSA
Investment firm founded in 1869 GOLDMANSACHS
Issues for fashionable readers ELLES
Japanese band OBI
Language that gives us "shampoo" HINDI
Largest moon of Neptune TRITON
Leafy course GREENSALAD
Like bodyguards ARMED
Like cigar bars SMOKY
Like merinos OVINE
Like toads WARTY
Lisbon's land, to the IOC POR
Lox stocker DELI
Martial arts-based regimen TAEBO
Mass __ MEDIA
Mgr.'s helper ASST
More distant ICIER
Muscat Daily reader OMANI
Not square HIP
Old 45 player HIFI
On Vine St., say INLA
One way to play BYEAR
One who's quick to pick up? NEATNIK
One with a habit NUN
Only player to appear in both the Super Bowl and World Series DEIONSANDERS
Org. for heavyweights WBA
Person, slangily EGG
Pet on a wheel GERBIL
Pink flowers in a Van Gogh still life ROSES
Postgrad hurdles ORALS
Private eatery MESSHALL
Puts up a fuss GROUSES
Raised, in a way TEED
Release relatives WAIVERS
Rexall Place team OILERS
Ring barrier ROPE
Ring site SATURN
Scent ODOR
Sexy one HOTTIE
Silver hair? MANE
Some GPS lines STS
Spanish wine punch SANGRIA
Sports figures ODDS
Stars at the Forum? ASTRA
Stinger WASP
Tabloid subj UFO
Tinker to __ to Chance: classic double-play combo EVERS
Top-notch RATEDA
Totally lost ATSEA
Tour of duty STINT
Treasure cache TROVE
U.S. state with three counties DEL
Underhand SLY
Upright worker TUNER
Vice squad operation RAID
Virginia __ TECH
Washington, for one STATE
Waves-against-rocks sounds SLAPS
Way to stand PAT
Went around in circles? RANLAPS
What's on your mind IDEA
When printing starts PRESSTIME
Where many quarters are used ARCADE
Wide awake ALERT
With no break ONEND
Yemen's capital SANA
__ gun RADAR
__ video MUSIC
__ whale SPERM
___Sweet: sugar substitute NUTRA
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