How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 29 2014

"To travel is to __": Hans Christian Andersen LIVE
"__ chance!" NOTA
11th-century Benedictine philosopher ANSELM
2000s sitcom set in Houston REBA
A vacation often involves one ROADTRIP
Action movie staple STUNT
Air traveler's concern LEGROOM
Arouses STIRS
Boring tool TREPAN
Brand no one wants STIGMA
Building owner, often LESSOR
Circular FLYER
Color slightly darker than electric blue AQUA
Cooking crust GRATIN
Cop (to) OWNUP
Cultural group KITH
Espresso feature CREMA
F neighbor GFLAT
Frame in a photo lab CROP
Guarneri relatives AMATIS
Insta- relative REDI
Its arrival is often celebrated in ritual MANHOOD
Japanese hands-on healing practice REIKI
Like love potions MAGICAL
Like some angels FALLEN
Lunch To-Go maker STARKIST
Many an "SNL" performer APER
Multimetallic Canadian coin TOONIE
Navajo relative APACHE
Not entirely INASENSE
Ocean floor dwellers OCTOPI
One-celled organisms MONADS
One-named Tevye portrayer TOPOL
Pair with TIETO
Party person POL
Pole, for one SLAV
Poppycock ROT
Prevails in WINSAT
Pribilof Islands native ALEUT
Quickly cooked cut MINUTESTEAK
Real time news source TWITTERFEED
Reg. symbols TMS
Rough writer's output SCRAWL
Seawater evaporation site SALTPIT
Shepherd memorably rescued during WWI RINTINTIN
Shorten, in a way SAWOFF
Slow-cooking method involving plastic bags SOUSVIDE
Spenser's "The Faerie Queene," for one EPICPOEM
State birds of Connecticut, Michigan and Wisconsin ROBINS
Super Smash Bros. Brawl console WII
Tibia neighbors TARSI
Time of existence AGE
Tony Soprano, for one ANTIHERO
Truman's U.K. counterpart ATTLEE
Used to hold food ATEON
Without a peep SILENTLY
Words before a subject INRE
Work (out) SUSS
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