How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 17 2012

"Atlantic City" director MALLE
"Tropic Thunder" actor NOLTE
"You've done enough" NONEED
Ahem relative HEY
Arrive after a long sail MAKEPORT
Bar order, initally IPA
Big party bottles MAGNUMS
Bike passenger's support, facetiously SISSYBAR
Bird in a fable ROC
Bk. after Ezra NEH
Blofeld's constant companion, in Bond films CAT
Calls the game UMPIRES
Campaign rewards CLIOS
Coalesce GEL
Cologne "never" NIE
Cultural group ETHNOS
Curt turndown UHUH
Dock bloc, briefly ILA
Doesn't come through RENEGES
El __: Peruvian volcano MISTI
Familiarity/appeal measurement used in marketing QSCORE
Fay Wray in "King Kong," to movie buffs SCREAMQUEEN
Fixes RIGS
Ford from Tennessee ERNIE
Garb for Columbo and Clouseau TRENCHCOATS
Give a little SAG
Gloaming, in verse EEN
Goes from second to third, say UPSHIFTS
Goes unhurriedly MOSEYS
It's highly classified STATESECRET
Joel Chandler Harris's brother? BRER
Joseph Kennedy's middle daughter EUNICE
Made 60-Across for technocrats? ANAGRAMMED
Manual transmissions?: Abbr ASL
Marine layer SEAMIST
Mates PALS
Military communications branch SIGNALCORPS
Most aloof REMOTEST
News opening, often TEASER
North Sea country: Abbr GER
Outlying expanse LEA
Proof abbr QED
River through Hesse EDER
Rustic poems IDYLLS
Shine, in ads GLO
Showing-off expression LOOKMA
Site of Cretan ruins KNOSSOS
Sleeping kittens, e.g NESTLERS
Some saints MARTYRS
Sounds omitted in transcription ERS
Sweet pop music EARCANDY
Take __ at ASTAB
Tennis score word ALL
The Bucharest Buffoon of '70s-'80s tennis ILIENASTASE
The Giants retired his #4 OTT
Tolkien creature ENT
Took a vacation GOTAWAY
Trellis for training fruit trees ESPALIER
Underground waste SEWAGE
Unit whose symbol is an omega OHM
Weather forecast components HIGHS
Wine flavored by pine resin-sealed barrels RETSINA
__ gum: food thickener GUAR
__-Aztecan languages UTO
__-ray Discs BLU
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