How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 10 2014

"Do unto __ ..." OTHERS
"Give it a shot" TRY
"Kinda" suffix ISH
"Me, too" DITTO
'60s activist gp SDS
1980s-'90s Olds CIERA
52-Down, for one CAR
Actor Chaney LON
Award recipient HONOREE
Away from the wind ALEE
Ballot box fillers? XES
Bank teller's call NEXT
Before, to Byron ERE
Big name in spydom HARI
Bitter discord STRIFE
Black cat crossing one's path, to some OMEN
Born, in wedding announcements NEE
California's San __ Padres DIEGO
Certain SURE
Change direction VEER
Cheer for a matador OLE
Classified messages ADS
Como or Crosby, notably CROONER
Corp.-partnership hybrids LLCS
Cowboy using a rope LASSOER
Cut with a pink slip AXE
Dog-__: folded at the corner EARED
Doom partner GLOOM
Educ. fundraiser PTA
Em and Bee AUNTS
Evens up TIES
Final or midterm EXAM
Fool check writers? CONSIGNERS
Go along with AGREETO
Grabs a bite EATS
High spirits GAIETY
Hoodwink companies? CONFIRMS
Hosiery mishap RUN
Icy-road application SALT
Ill. summer hrs CDT
In a tidy way CLEANLY
Income sources for retirees PENSIONS
Infuriate ENRAGE
Intravenous substance FLUID
Japanese cartoon art ANIME
Jockey's strap REIN
Kenny G's horn SAX
Lizardlike SAURIAN
Metric measures: Abbr KMS
Mislead groups of vacationers? CONTOURS
Nevertheless YET
Nickname on the range TEX
Ohio NBAer CAV
Org. with Titans and Chiefs AFC
Pail-of-water fetcher of rhyme JILL
Papal crown TIARA
Partly open AJAR
Paths to take ROUTES
Pelican State sch LSU
Prepare for a trip PACK
Prom attendee SENIOR
Pull a fast one on proctors? CONTESTERS
Quick message NOTE
Rates on Monopoly deeds RENTS
Reader of product instructions USER
Religious place of seclusion CLOISTER
Store founder Penney and golfer Snead JCS
Swindle court appointees? CONJURORS
Take out, as text DELETE
Turkish title AGA
U-turn from NNE SSW
Unevenly notched, as leaves EROSE
Verbalized SAID
Visit briefly STOPIN
When right turns may be allowed ONRED
Word before fall or ball SNOW
Wrath IRE
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