How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 04 2017

"Are you __ out?" INOR
"Family" actress Thompson SADA
"How silly __!" OFME
"Route 66" co-star MILNER
"SNL" parody Baba __ WAWA
"The Purple People Eater" singer Wooley SHEB
"Tough!" TOOBAD
"__ Called Wanda" AFISH
"__ You Babe": 1965 #1 hit IGOT
Actress Suvari MENA
Agree to, in a way SIGN
Air-escape sound SSS
Anaphylaxis treatment EPIPEN
Ancient Syrian trade center PALMYRA
Antitoxin SERUM
Automaker's expansion into music? HONDAACCORDIONS
Ballpark rallying cry based on a 1950s hit DAYO
Be in a red state? OWE
Beatle Paul's title SIR
Behavioral oddity TIC
Blue map area SEA
Bodega patron LATINO
Brief time pd NSEC
Broadcast format: Abbr UHF
Bucky Beaver's toothpaste IPANA
Bud in Baja AMIGO
Byron's "before" ERE
Candy company's expansion into exercise equipment? HERSHEYBARBELLS
Castro, for one CUBAN
Classical start NEO
Cleaning products company's expansion into arena seating? CLOROXBLEACHERS
Clergy abode RECTORY
Co. that merged into Verizon GTE
Comic book artist INKER
Corkscrews, essentially OPENERS
Cosmo competitor ELLE
Dizzy's jazz BEBOP
Down with, in Dunkirk ABAS
Draft category ONEA
Drink container company's expansion into bakery products? DIXIECUPCAKES
Ed's title MISTER
Emphatic type: Abbr ITAL
Fan sounds RAHS
Farm sound MOO
Figure (out) DOPE
Final financials YEARENDS
Forbes competitor INC
Fore relative? PRE
Frenzied MANIC
Gothic novel pioneer Radcliffe ANN
Held to account LIABLE
Heroine in the "Divergent" films TRIS
High grounds RISES
Him, to Henri LUI
Holding area CELL
Icy coating RIME
Iraq's main port BASRA
It may quash dreams of a musical career TINEAR
Jewelry company's expansion into fishing for delicacies? TIFFANYLAMPREYS
Kitchen supplies company's expansion into security? SOSPADLOCKS
Kook NUT
Lamb by another name ELIA
Latin trio part AMAT
Like car carburetors, for the most part OBSOLETE
Like some twins FRATERNAL
Louvre displays OILS
Many an Omani ARAB
Med. diagnostic procedure MRISCAN
Metric wts KGS
Mil. address APO
Milk container UDDER
Montevideo Mrs SRA
Move periodically MIGRATE
Museum pieces RELICS
Nice summers ETES
Observed SEEN
Older Obama daughter MALIA
One of two zygote producers GAMETE
One usually crouching CATCHER
One-of-a-kind LONE
Pack away STOW
Part of TGIF ITS
Party gifts FAVORS
Piece maker REESES
Place SITE
Political group BLOC
Prefix with -pus OCTO
Prosecutor's field LAW
Racy message SEXT
Repeat annoyingly RUBIN
Respond to defamation, say SUE
Rooms in a casa SALAS
Rouse to action BESTIR
Route shower MAP
Saint Kitts' island partner NEVIS
Second-easternmost U.S. state capital BOSTON
Self-satisfied SMUG
Selling spot in Sparta AGORA
Sends a fly flying CASTS
Shell lining NACRE
Shelley's Muse ERATO
Singer Horne LENA
Slurred in pronunciation ELIDED
Stella __ cookies DORO
Stereotypical pocket protector wearers DWEEBS
Story line THREAD
Studio amendment REDUB
Supermodel Sastre INES
T. __ REX
Target, for one STORE
They often have quotas REPS
Thurman of film UMA
Tijuana restaurant staples TACOS
Tribute in verse ODE
Trip provider LSD
Turf SOD
U.S. Army rank qualifier RET
Unlike spring chickens? AGED
Unrelenting annoyance PEST
Victimized by bad spelling? POSSESSED
Wee one TOT
Went snooping NOSED
What goes around EDDY
Woody's boy ARLO
Word before wave or pool TIDAL
Work newbie TRAINEE
Work out STAYFIT
Writing implement company's expansion into jewelry? BICPENDANTS
__ button PANIC
__ Peninsula IBERIAN
__ port USB
__ Rabbit BRER
__-car RENTA
__-de-France ILE
__-employed SELF
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